Battery Plates Safety and environmental protection

- Aug 18, 2017-

Solar street lamp panel angle, the general manufacturers are designed to 45 degrees tilt, this is to ensure that the winter can have a better charge. But the direction of the angle is determined by the installation, in the underground assembly of the sun board, found poles set up after the angle of deviation, if the deviation is not much, generally will not be adjusted. This angle deviation in addition to the impact of charging that will affect the same light intensity of the sun board voltage, will lead to solar lights on the lights time error is relatively large. Therefore, in the ground assembly, try to adjust the azimuth of the sun panels to maintain consistency.

Check if the solar module is facing the south, otherwise it is adjusted. Adjust the direction of the solar cell components: the necessary equipment will be installed to the appropriate height of the installation staff to install the wrench one by one loosening the bolt on the components of the pole, and then to the compass as the basis, to reverse the pole assembly to the appropriate position, the last one by one tight Set the solar pole components to tighten the bolts and ensure that the bolts are evenly stressed.

Solar cell components wind design, according to the maximum wind power solar street wind design. China's southern coastal typhoon is too high, solar street light pole should be at least anti-12 typhoon, most of the northern region should be able to withstand 10 winds. Light pole design, solar modules should be able to withstand the local wind speed and not damage, focusing on the solar cell module bracket and pole connection. Light pole and foundation wind design, street lamp poles and foundation of the wind design and the height of the panel, area,Battery Plates tilt and poles structure, the local maximum wind speed and so on, should be poles manufacturers or institutions specifically for the calculation and design, The maximum wind speed when the stability of solar street light pole.