Battery scrap signs, three strokes should not be replaced

- Jun 26, 2018-

Battery scrap signs, three strokes should not be replaced

A good battery can be used for many years and naturally it will save more. But in fact, the quality of the battery is mixed. Some of them are of excellent quality, while others are very poor. The former can naturally save costs for users, while the latter does not say that saving money can be good for peace of mind.

During the use of the battery, the capacity gradually declines, and the performance gradually decreases until the end of life. If the battery does not meet the requirements of the user, the battery needs to be replaced. In order to ensure the reliability of operation, it is necessary to pay close attention to the operating conditions of the battery and replace the battery in time. The following conditions are likely to be the symptoms of the need to replace the battery, it is recommended that professionals detect.

1. The actual discharge capacity of the battery is lower than 60% of the rated capacity. If the maintenance cannot be significantly increased, the battery can be determined as being scrapped.

This is because during the use of the battery, after the capacity is reduced to about 60%, the performance will be greatly attenuated, and all the components will basically reach a deteriorating condition. This kind of attenuation has a tendency of gradual acceleration, and the charge and discharge capability will be completely lost soon.

2, whether the battery is charged or discharged, its shell is a serious fever

The cause of the heat is that the active material on the plate is severely detached, and "irreversible lead sulfate crystals" have occurred, the internal resistance has increased, and the heat generation has increased. At this time, if you open the battery safety valve check, you will see the electrolyte "black", can not be repaired in the event of serious failure. At this time, the battery self-discharge quickly, and sometimes it will be discharged soon after charging. Seriously, it will make the battery bulge, and even cause a short circuit in the battery will also appear burning phenomenon.

3, charge for tens of minutes will be full, no electricity for less than a few hours

At this time, it is necessary to change the battery again, and conduct comprehensive inspection of the charger, controller and circuit before selecting the battery to ensure that the old original protects the new battery. When choosing a battery, try to choose a high-quality brand battery.