Car battery leakage effective search method

- Sep 07, 2018-

Car battery leakage effective search method


First, the preparation of the tool

Second, the operation steps

1. Check whether the battery voltage and power generation are normal and whether the battery pile head is rusted seriously. Many car owners think that the leakage result is a battery problem or a generator problem;

2, ask the owner, what has been repaired recently, what to install or collision and disassembly;

3. Remove the battery negative pole, dial the multimeter to the current gear maximum, connect the red test lead to the negative line, and connect the black test lead to the battery head and fix it;

4. Turn off all electrical appliances inside and outside the car, lock the door, observe the current, adjust to the appropriate gear, record;

5, wait for about 20 minutes; after all the modules of the vehicle enter the sleep state, read the accurate static discharge current;

6, the quiescent current is generally 0.03A (ie 30mA), refer to the maintenance manual, no more than 50mA;

7. If the quiescent current is too large (as shown above), we can check the method of pulling out the insurance and the relay, that is, pull out the insurance one by one and observe the magnitude of the quiescent current; (If you do not change it, insert the insurance or relay. )

8. If a certain insurance is removed or the static current of the relay becomes a normal value, then we will find the circuit related to the insurance and find the place where the leakage occurs; (if it is a relay, also check whether the relay itself is faulty, that is, the contact burns. even)

9. If a certain safety or relay is removed, the quiescent current drops, but it does not reach the normal value. At this time, we record it, then plug it back in, and continue to plug in other insurance and relays, because there may be more than one place leakage;

10. After repairing, remove the multimeter and install the negative battery head.

Third, the leaky place is not easy to find

1, the tail box light

2, glove box light

3, cigarette lighter

Fourth, a simple calculation method

Calculate the approximate power of the appliance according to P=UI (power=voltage*current). For example, above 14*0.3, we can calculate that the appliance is 4.2W, we can consider whether the small lamp is not turned off, or What module is working.