Improve space utilization

- Aug 18, 2017-

The OPzV Battery series is designed for use with colloidal electrolytes and tubular positive plates, with the advantages of a valve-controlled battery (maintenance-free) and an open cell (float / cycle life), especially for backup times of 1 to 20 hours. The OPzV Battery range is suitable for use in regenerative energy storage systems where the temperature difference is large and unstable in the grid, or in a long-term electrical environment, due to the unrestricted environment or maintenance conditions. Colloids are formed by small particles with very small but very large surface area. When the silicon particles are dispersed in the electrolyte, a three-dimensional chain network is formed, and a microporous system with a diameter of 0.1 mm to 1 mm is derived. Subject to a strong capillary phenomenon, the electrolyte is locked in the microporous system. So even if the battery shell accidentally rupture, still does not appear electrolyte leakage phenomenon. A small amount of micropores are not filled by the electrolyte to form voids for oxygen to pass through. Oxygen migrates from the positive electrode to the negative electrode and recombines into moisture, thus eliminating the need for regular water addition. The use of colloidal technology to completely change the concept of backup power, so that users in different areas have more autonomy. Since the gas generation level is almost negligible, allow the battery to be installed in the cabinet or rack, next to the office or even the equipment. Thereby increasing space utilization and reducing the cost of installation and maintenance. But must pay attention to meet the safety and ventilation conditions stipulated by the State