Lead-acid Battery Voltage Stability

- Feb 07, 2018-

Lead-acid batteries, also known as lead-acid batteries, is a kind of battery, the electrode is mainly made of lead, the electrolyte is a sulfuric acid solution of a battery. Generally divided into open-type battery and valve-controlled battery two. The former need regular maintenance of the acid, Standard Lead Acid Battery the latter for the maintenance-free battery. According to the battery model can be divided into small dense, dense and dense.

Lead-acid battery It mainly refers to the lead and its oxide, the electrolyte is a sulfuric acid solution of a battery. Discharge state, the main component of the main cathode, lead the main component of lead; charge state, the main components of the positive and negative are lead sulfate. Standard Lead Acid Battery Divided into exhaust-type batteries and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.

Lead-acid battery mainly by the tube positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte, partitions, battery slot, battery cover, pole, injection liquid cover and other components. Generally according to their characteristics can be divided into three categories, ordinary battery, which is mainly a voltage stability, cheap, Standard Lead Acid Battery long life and other characteristics. Dry charge battery, it is mainly able to quickly use. Maintenance-free battery, which is mainly with high temperature, shock, small size and so on.

Because the lead-acid batteries generally have a safe seal, no free acid, deflated system, easy maintenance, long life, stable quality, high reliability, so it is widely used in tractors, tricycles, cars, Standard Lead Acid Battery uninterruptible power supply, Motor power and other occasions and areas.

Sealed Rechargeable Battery (SealedRechargeableBattery): its size and weight has been unable to obtain effective improvement, so the most common or used in the car, motorcycle launched on top. Lead-acid battery the biggest improvement, it is the recent use of high efficiency oxygen re-technology to complete the water regeneration, in order to achieve a complete seal without the purpose of adding water, Standard Lead Acid Battery and made of "free water battery" its life can be up to 4 years Plate voltage 2V).

Lead-acid batteries are also one of the most widely used batteries. With a glass groove or plastic tank, filled with sulfuric acid, and then insert two pieces of lead, a positive connection with the charger, a negative connection with the charger, after ten hours of charging, it becomes a battery. There is a voltage of 2 volts between its positive and negative poles. The advantage of the battery is that it can be used repeatedly. Standard Lead Acid Battery There is also a big advantage is that its internal resistance is minimal, can provide a large current. Use it to the car's starter power supply, instantaneous current up to 20 amps, which is so far any other battery can not be replaced. When the battery is charged, it is the energy supplied to it to be stored in the original, and the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy when discharged. Battery size is too large, and not easy to carry. But the car, Standard Lead Acid Battery the motorcycle is also inseparable from it.

Lead-acid batteries are divided into three categories, namely, ordinary batteries, dry batteries and maintenance-free batteries three.

1) ordinary battery; ordinary battery plate is composed of lead and lead oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution. Its main advantage is the voltage stability, the price is cheap;

2) dry charge battery: its full name is dry charge lead acid battery, its main feature is the negative plate has a high storage capacity, in a completely dry state, can save the power within two years, the use of , Just add the electrolyte, so over 20-30 minutes can be used;

3) maintenance-free battery: maintenance-free battery due to its own structure on the advantages of electrolyte consumption is very small, in the life of the basic need not add distilled water. It also has a shock, high temperature, small size, self-discharge characteristics. Standard Lead Acid Battery Life is generally twice the ordinary battery. There are two kinds of maintenance-free batteries on the market: the first one in the purchase of a one-time use of electrolyte after the use of no maintenance (add the liquid); the other is the battery itself has been added when the factory electrolyte and sealed , The user simply can not add liquid.