Make full use of space, enhance battery capacity

- Aug 18, 2017-

Lithium-ion battery can be divided into liquid lithium-ion battery and polymer lithium-ion battery) two categories. Polymers used in the positive and negative materials and liquid lithium ions are the same, the battery works are basically the same.

The main difference is that the electrolyte is different, lithium-ion battery using a liquid electrolyte, and polymer lithium-ion battery is a solid polymer electrolyte instead, this polymer can be "dry", it can be "glue State ", most of the current use of polymer colloidal electrolyte Usually we call the polymer lithium battery is a polymer battery, lithium-ion battery called lithium battery.

Polymer battery capacity density, the capacity density is nickel-metal hydride batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries 1.5 to 2.5 times, or higher. The thickness of the polymer battery thickness of 3.6mm to do the following technical bottlenecks, the polymer batteries do not exist in this way, the polymer battery is not the same, A problem, the thickness can be done 1mm below, in line with the current needs of ultra-thin mobile phone direction.

Polymer battery single cell operating voltage up to 3.6v ~ 3.8v much higher than the nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium battery 1.2V voltage. Light weight, the use of polymer electrolyte battery without metal shell as a protective packaging, polymer batteries than the same capacity specifications of the steel lithium battery light 40% lighter than the aluminum battery 20% lighter. Capacity, polymer batteries than the same size specifications of the steel shell battery capacity of 10 to 15% higher than the aluminum battery 5 to 10% high.

Polymer battery self-discharge is small, the polymer battery in a long time after its capacity loss is also very small. Polymer battery shape can be customized, manufacturers do not have to be limited to the standard shape, can be economically made the right size. Polymer batteries can be based on customer needs to increase or decrease the thickness of the battery, the development of new batteries model, cheap, open mold cycle is short, and some can even be tailored according to the shape of the phone to take full advantage of space to enhance battery capacity.

Polymer battery discharge characteristics of good, polymer batteries using colloidal electrolyte, compared to liquid electrolyte, colloidal electrolyte has a stable discharge characteristics and a higher discharge platform.

Polymer battery protection board design is simple, due to the use of polymer materials, batteries do not fire, do not explode, the battery itself has sufficient security. Long life, the normal use of polymer batteries cycle life can reach more than 500 times. There is no memory effect, before the charge does not have the remaining power vent, the polymer battery is easy to use, and do not have to use before charging a few hours to "activate". Safety performance, polymer lithium-ion battery in the structure of the use of aluminum-plastic flexible packaging, different from the liquid cell metal shell, in the event of security risks, liquid batteries easily explode, and polymer batteries will only drums.