Motorcycle Battery Do not deliberately maintenance, but to regularly check

- Aug 18, 2017-

Motorcycle battery, for our usual vehicle maintenance is also a consumable, although the replacement cycle is long, but due to improper operation or poor quality and other reasons lead to battery storage and other issues, especially in the winter more attention. So simply sort out the information, for the usual small problems can be resolved in a timely manner.

Classification of batteries

Popular terms are divided into water bottles and dry batteries. Water bottle theory for a long life, but need to add water, but also easy to leak, dry battery maintenance-free worry, life may be better than water bottles. "Water refers to the electrolyte"

Whether the battery is fed, basically through the visual and auditory can be made, such as: electric start can not be used normally, abnormal speakers, lighting, light, instability and so on. Such a situation, you can first check the battery problem,Motorcycle battery if the battery is determined to be difficult to take measures to charge the battery. There are feet to start the kick can be used, only the electric start that there is no way, and ran with the car to start.

Battery feed factor

Frequent electric start: electric start instead of the kick, the motor in the instantaneous energy than the battery rated current several times higher, especially in the winter, after the failure to start, should be in the interval to try to start.

Battery charging time is short: long-term short-distance driving, and the fire left,Motorcycle battery some used to open the headlights, the car has not been hot, over time, leading to feed

Battery for a long time: This is mainly reflected in the long-term use of vehicles, chronic feeding, the best time to charge the battery for some time.

Installation of external equipment: such as audio, lighting, etc., to increase the burden on the battery, resulting in battery feed

Poor battery: cheap supply should be cheap. The The The

Battery maintenance

Just now in the battery feed factor has been mentioned some of the behavior can be carried out on the battery protection. Buy regular production of the battery, regular inspection of the liquid "maintenance-free battery does not need to check the liquid level and supplement". When charging,Motorcycle battery the current should not be too large, in the ventilation charge. Long-term use of vehicles, remove the battery, and in a month to add a power. Try not to install external equipment.

Although the battery does not deliberately maintenance, but still check it better, stop the lights off, little effort, big day or turn off the lights, the battery is good.