No wonder the battery is not durable it is not charged

- Nov 27, 2018-

No wonder the battery is not durable, it is not charged.


I always hear some user feedback, saying that the battery will not be durable in winter. What is the reason?

In fact, after entering the winter, the temperature will decrease, and the storage capacity of the electric vehicle battery will be affected. The problem of reduced power or poor charging often occurs, and the speed and riding mileage of the electric vehicle will also decrease. Therefore, the correct use and timely maintenance of the electric vehicle battery in winter is particularly important. So how do you properly charge an electric car in winter?

First, it is recommended to charge when the remaining power is about 30%, and should not be used up and refilled.

Second, plug in the battery plug first, then plug in the power plug. When charging is complete, first pull the power plug and then pull the battery plug.

Third, the winter battery storage, if the vehicle is not used in the open air or cold storage for several weeks, the battery should be removed to prevent the battery from freezing damage. If it is not used for a long time, charge it once a month.

4. It is also important to clean the terminal of the battery and apply special grease to protect it. This can ensure the reliability of the electric vehicle when it starts, and extend the life of the battery.

5. Use a dedicated charger when charging, and do not mix the charger.

Sixth, most chargers continue to carry out 1-2 hours of floating charge as soon as the indicator light changes to full charge, which is also beneficial for suppressing battery vulcanization.

Seven, electric vehicle battery charging can not be excessive, "overcharge" will cause the battery to be damaged.

Doing the above seven points and correctly charging the electric car will greatly benefit the extension of the electric vehicle's cruising range. Even in the winter, electric cars can still run far and use them for a long time.