The battery is ok why is the power meter on the next two grids

- Oct 30, 2018-

The battery is ok, why is the power meter on the next two grids?


Recently, Xiao Wang’s electric car has just changed a set of 48V20A batteries, but when the car is powered up, the electricity meter goes down two squares? Xiao Wang is very depressed. Do you suspect that the battery quality is not good? Why is this happening? There are three reasons why the new battery is dropped after it is installed.

First: no cadmium.

Due to environmental protection requirements, the battery must be cadmium-free. The advantage of cadmium is that it has strong explosive power, high voltage and large power. Now the vehicle instrument is still manufactured in the previous mode, and the pointer is oriented according to the voltage value. The initial voltage of the cadmium-free battery is low, and it is normal for the rider to go up and the pointer will be biased.

Second: self-discharge.

When the battery is stored for a period of time before the sale, there is inevitably a self-discharge phenomenon, resulting in a voltage drop, which may cause the needle to fall.

Third: the increase in the resistance of the entire vehicle line leads to a pressure drop.

During the running of the whole vehicle, the line resistance will increase due to the moisture, and the voltage will decrease due to the increase of the resistance. The pressure drop will also cause the needle to fall.

After the new battery is installed, the needle is basically normal. The car can be recovered after a period of riding. If the needle is broken for a long time, you can go to the nearest maintenance point. Please take care of the car to see the specific situation!