The United States and Israel jointly promote solar, energy storage, microgrid and energy efficiency innovation

- Dec 12, 2018-

The United States and Israel jointly promote solar, energy storage, microgrid and energy efficiency innovation

China Energy Storage Network News: It is reported that the foundation BIRD Energy, jointly created by the US Department of Energy (DoE) and the Israeli Ministry of Energy (MoE), will invest about half of the funds to finance Israel's solar energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, and micro The grid project, the amount of 12 million US dollars.

As part of the Bilateral Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD) program, BIRD Energy aims to accelerate growth through strategic partnerships between US and Israeli entities, and is committed to R&D in renewable and clean energy efficiency industries.

Projects eligible for funding must include R&D cooperation between companies or between research institutions and companies. In either case, one of each partnership comes from the United States and Israel.

BIRD Energy has announced that the US Department of Energy has selected seven projects with the Israeli Ministry of Energy (MoE) and the Israel Innovation Authority, which will receive $6 million in funding. BIRD Energy has funded 43 projects and has provided approximately $34 million in funding since its inception in 2009, including seven of the latest announcements.

The six items in the approved project are as follows:

Beam Semiconductors (Israel) + BannerSolar (USA): A 60Hz "active phased array" module for wireless applications with gigabit potential for autonomous solar power generation and energy storage systems.

Brightmerge (Israel) + Introspective Systems (USA): Dynamic grid pricing with edge load response device control.

mPrest Systems (Israel) + Southern Company (USA): Primary and secondary VAR voltage control and voltage reduction for distribution network integration.

OneOPI (Israel) + Presidio (USA): Intelligent microgrid automation simulation systems and services.

RazorLabs (Israel) + Exacter (USA): A grid-based elastic system based on artificial intelligence.

Israel Institute of Technology R&D Foundation (Israel) + Primus Power (USA): High energy density grid scale battery.

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said: "The US Department of Energy continues to strongly support collaborative research with Israel through the BIRD Energy Program."

We are honored to be able to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our bilateral program with the US Department of Energy. The BIRD Energy Program is undoubtedly a successful case based on the strategic vision of both economies,” said Dr. Yuval Steinberg, Energy Minister of Israel.

These projects must be innovative and provide potential benefits to both parties. As with the seven projects that have been announced for funding, the companies participating in the project must bear at least half of the project cost after commercial success. (Source: China Energy Storage Network)