Why is the summer battery badly damaged?

- Jun 12, 2018-

Why is the summer battery badly damaged?

Owners' friends often have questions, why is the summer battery easily broken? To illustrate this issue, we must start with the function of the battery in the vehicle.

The main function of the vehicle battery is to start the vehicle. The engine is driven by the battery to drive the motor; on the other hand, the light, sound, electric glass lift, door lock, safety device, etc. of the vehicle when the vehicle is stopped in a stopped state (the engine is not working) All need battery power work.

Air conditioning and storage battery

In summer, the use of automotive air conditioning ushered in the peak period of use, if you love the battery itself has a longer service life and is close to the critical point of normal service life, coupled with some bad driving habits, such as the flameout continues to open Air conditioning is likely to cause long-term use of the battery feed and can not start the engine again.

But the problem is that the air-conditioning compressor is driven by the engine through the drive belt, not driven by the battery, why turn off the air conditioner after the flameout affect the battery it? The reason is that the air conditioner compressor stops working after the engine is turned off. However, as long as the air outlet is still blowing out, it means that the blower has not been turned off, and the battery power is still being consumed, which is likely to cause a battery feed. If the battery itself is in the long-term power supply state, it must be replaced as soon as possible to ensure the normal use of the vehicle.

Battery Feeding Hidden Trouble

Long-term feeding batteries have major hidden dangers to traffic safety.

Affecting driving safety, the battery that feeds affects the brightness of the headlights, shortens the distance between sight lines and reduces the driver’s ability to judge.

Damage to the engine power system, spark plug ignition capability will accelerate the engine wear, resulting in engine idle speed, process acceleration is not smooth.

Good air conditioning habits

Good air-conditioning habits not only benefit the normal operation of air-conditioning equipment, but also extend the service life of the battery. In order to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle, it is necessary to develop good air-conditioning habits during summer driving.

Close the refrigeration switch (A/C) in the first 3-5 minutes before the destination is about to arrive, let the blower continue to work and blow, this can use the remaining cool air in the condenser to cool down to make the body feel more comfortable, and can also be ventilated The moisture in the pipe is blown out to dry the pipe. The dry pipe can inhibit the growth of mold, so that the wind blown out next time is still clean, and the environment of the carriage is healthy and comfortable. Of course, the air-conditioning switch must be completely turned off before the engine is turned off after reaching the destination.

Damage to the electrical appliances used in the vehicle. Unstable voltages in the vehicle's power system will have a major impact on the life of the electrical equipment, and may even result in damage to the equipment. For example, data on the ECU may be inconsistent or lost. It is more costly and time-consuming to unlock it again.

The most important thing is that the vehicle suddenly cannot start and breaks down halfway, seriously affecting the journey. The originally agreed working meetings and customer visits can only be rescheduled or abandoned, and the originally pleasant journey will be blocked. The original beautiful dates can only be refreshed. . . . . .