With these three spirits, it is easy to do half the battery business

- Sep 24, 2018-

With these three spirits, it is easy to do half the battery business!


How can I be a good dealer? In fact, doing dealer work is not so difficult as you think. You must have the spirit of madness, the enthusiasm of a fool, and the realization of grandchildren. This is also an indispensable condition for dealers.

What is a madman?

The so-called madman is to think too much, all day for product innovation, price development, communication promotion, promotion programs, channel expansion marketing strategy to break through the brain, can not wait to grow three heads out, perhaps enough.

In the end, I made my eyes blurred and fascinated. I used my brain to get tired and went home to sleep.

But it is the spirit of madness that we can make the market better and make it easier for our customers to accept our products. This is the role of the so-called madman.

If you are a good dealer, you are afraid that you are not "mad" or "mad", but the more "mad" is, the more pressure comes.

What is a fool?

The so-called idiot, all day and night, rain, go with the sunrise, dance with the stars, the mind is loaded with sales and performance indicators, remembering the boss's teaching and coercion, no way, only forward.

There is no reinforcement, no intelligence, like a kite that has fallen off the line, floating everywhere, drinking the Yangtze River, eating the Pearl River fish, the South is in the north, the East is in the West, and it is like the "Forrest" played by Tom Cruise. .

The two legs ran off, and sometimes I couldn’t immediately go back to the company and let the boss approve. Against the pressure on the top of the sun, braving the wind and rain is the sale of "stupids", but how many people do "fools"!

Of course, if you are stupid, you will benefit. I have heard about the evaluation of dealers. The dealers have been 30 years old. There are two ways to go. One is to finally become a boss when you start a business, and the second is that you become A professional manager.

What is grandson?

The so-called grandson, this year, whoever buys your goods is the master, we have to squeeze a smile from the tired face expression.

Although hey, but his smile is very sincere, Grandpa still can't be scornful, catering to their views and practices, trying to figure out how to make them happy, but also to do the "crow feedback" action, and his grandson is similar, to be good Honoring them.

Of course, you can't all be "grandchildren", sometimes selling products, you can't be soft! Can't be without opinion! Can't let customers! Be sure to follow the company procedures!

Do the dealer's "three sons" spirit, eat the box lunch, sit on the bus, sleep is a simple standard room without warmth, and at night to entertain customers, do a good job of "three accompanying".

It’s rare to have a date with my girlfriend on the weekend, but also to call the leader and lie, saying that I am going to see the customer.

It is a true portrayal of our dealers. Sometimes I really want to cry, but I can't cry because the tears have dried up. The only thing left is Jude, there is no salty sweat...

With the spirit of "three sons", let us see success and let the success be closer and closer to us. We have seen the soldiers assault that there are six words "do not abandon, do not give up."

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with being a madman, a fool, or a grandson. This year, there is no such spirit. For a better tomorrow, while singing, dancing, smiling forward!