12v Battery Has A Higher Price

- Feb 07, 2018-

12v battery charging performance is one of the important factors affecting battery life. Early UPS and some of the current low-power UPS only control the charge voltage without controlling the charge current, so that the battery charge early, due to the battery voltage and charging voltage there is a large pressure difference, 12V Standard Battery easy to charge the battery is too large due to damage to the battery The Intelligent charge management according to the use of conditions, the use of the environment automatically adjust the charging mechanism, so as to create a good operating conditions for the battery, effectively extending the battery life. 12v battery reliable backup performance test, in many cases, in order to ensure the reliability of the power supply system, 12k battery regularly discharge the battery to check the connection and performance, or deep discharge test battery capacity. Discharge testing limitations, risk, the need for manual participation, but also a great impact on battery life. The relevant regulations of the electricity require periodic discharge of the capacity of the battery, but in practice, 12V Standard Battery most of the still only 30% -50% of the discharge, part of the UPS design has automatic discharge function, that is, according to a certain cycle to start the test function.

12v battery when using the note:

When using the battery, according to the battery instructions, if not according to the operating manual required to do, there may lead to the user's personal accident of the various matters, with 'dangerous', 'warning', 'attention' said. Please fully understand the meaning of the following warning statements, and then read the text.

DANGER: Indicates that ignoring this content and taking a malfunction may result in death or serious injury.

WARNING: Indicates that failure to do so may result in death, serious injury, 12V Standard Battery minor injury or material damage.

Note: If you ignore this content, take the wrong operation, although the possibility of serious injury is small, but may be minor injuries and material damage

12v battery capacity equalization method:

12v battery use characteristics more and more developed, but the high-tech product damage rate is also rising sharply, the battery industry is the same, although the battery has become the industry leader, 12V Standard Battery quality and safety are a great guarantee, but if we are not correct Use the words will cause the battery to terminate the end of life in advance of the consequences, today we teach you how to correctly use the battery, the correct use of 12v battery four standards which? The use of a standard: the battery does not discharge or long-term shelved time must ensure that the battery power is sufficient, often check the test to protect the battery life. Use the standard two: in the course of use, to avoid the depth of discharge, deep discharge and 12v battery charging life are closely related, 12V Standard Battery often deep discharge, battery life will become low. Use the standard three: do not continue to charge for a long time, the battery has shown sufficient power will be timely unplug the power to avoid overcharging the battery damage. Use the standard four: the use of batteries in the process, pay attention to the battery environment, the damp environment is not suitable for the use of batteries, try to choose a good place for ventilation. Above, that is, we use 12v battery in the daily need to pay attention to the problem, the correct use of batteries with appropriate maintenance, 12V Standard Battery in order to effectively extend the battery life, better for consumer services. Resistive consumption equalization method is through the resistance connected with the battery monomer, will be higher than other monomer energy release, in order to achieve the balance of the monomer, shown each 12v battery through a transistor with a resistor connection, 12V Standard Battery through the control Transistor conduction and shutdown to achieve the battery on the resistance of the discharge, the structure of simple control, the discharge speed, can be more than one monomer discharge.