12v Battery Is One Of The Batteries

- Feb 07, 2018-

12v battery is an important power supply for the car, when the car's generator power shortage, the car's start, ignition, lighting and so need battery power. When the generator output voltage is higher than the battery voltage, the battery is charged. And now commonly used in the car battery charging management is the six batteries (each 2V) in series from the 12V battery pack for the entire group of charge management. This management model of the problem is: ignore the single battery between the resistance, capacity, 12V Standard Battery chemical characteristics of the difference, easy to make some single battery in the charging process occurred overcharge, undercharge and other phenomena and premature damage The In addition, for long-term driving in the bustling urban areas, 12V Standard Battery rugged mountain road vehicles and driving coach cars, often in the frequent changes in operating conditions, the engine driven generators are also frequent changes in high speed and low speed, when the generator speed to output When the voltage is lower than the terminal voltage of the battery 12V, it will not be able to charge the whole battery, so that the battery can not be charged or the amount of charge is less than the amount of discharge, or even long-term discharge is not charged over discharge state, making the battery easier Damaged. In order to solve the problem of management mode, this paper adopts the "battery pack only at the same time to charge the technology" with the national invention patent. 12V Standard Batter The aim of the single battery voltage monitoring and charging control is to ensure the capacity of the single battery in the battery pack Terminal voltage consistency

12v battery charge and discharge characteristics, based on the analysis of battery charge and discharge management at home and abroad on the basis of the design of the AT89S52 microcontroller control based on the car battery management system. The system principle and hardware and software design are introduced emphatically. Hardware design includes: SCM minimum system design, data acquisition system design and control output module design. 12V Standard Battery The software design includes: data acquisition program, data display program, output control program and main program. And the printed circuit board design and production. And through the comparative experiment fully proved that the car battery management system to solve the problem of battery inconsistency on the effect is obvious.

12v battery is a battery, its role is to save the limited power, it works is to convert chemical energy into electricity.

It is filled with lead-like lead plate as a negative electrode, filled with lead dioxide lead dioxide as a positive pole, and with 22 to 28% dilute sulfuric acid as an electrolyte in the charge, 12V Standard Battery the electrical energy into chemical energy, the discharge of chemical energy Into the power of the battery in the discharge, the metal lead is negative, the oxidation reaction, was oxidized to lead sulfate; lead dioxide is a positive, the occurrence of reduction reaction, was reduced to lead sulfate. Batteries in the DC charging, 12V Standard Battery the two poles were generated Lead and lead dioxide. Remove the power, it returned to the state before the discharge, the composition of the chemical battery. Lead battery is able to repeatedly charge, discharge the battery, 12V Standard Battery called the secondary battery.

12v battery mainly has the following, its use is as follows:

Start-up batteries: mainly used for cars, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines and other starting and lighting;

Fixed battery: mainly used for communications, power plants, 12V Standard Battery computer systems as a protection, automatic control of the standby power supply;

Traction type battery: mainly used for a variety of battery cars, forklifts, forklifts and other power supply;

Railway batteries: mainly used for railway diesel locomotives, 12V Standard Battery electric locomotives, bus start, lighting power;

Storage batteries: mainly used for wind power, solar power and other power storage.