2 Maintenance-free Battery Repair Solutions

- Aug 22, 2018-

2 maintenance-free battery repair solutions!

Currently, the application of maintenance-free batteries has been extensive. However, the design life of some batteries is very short, especially for small-capacity batteries of 50AH or less used in electric vehicles such as two-wheel, three-wheel, and small four-wheel, and the damage rate is extremely high. There are potential reasons for the manufacturer, and there are also reasons for the user's own improper use.

Performance when the battery is damaged: mainly after overheating, the outer drum kit and the electrolyte used for more than two years will appear to dry to varying degrees, and the charge will not be charged. Even if it is charged, it will not be used for several hours, especially in the winter. Prominent, causing a large number of batteries to be scrapped. Even some friends have different capacities, and batteries that have been used for 2 to 3 years are no exception.

In response to this situation, an industry insider analyzed a dozen types of batteries of different sizes and capacity, and finally determined the cause of the real damage, and made corresponding improvements during maintenance. Currently in trial, the following are two improvements of the author, for friends to choose according to the actual use.

Option One:

For the case that the case is intact, there is no broken cell, and the battery is not fully charged (not durable). Refilling can be done by replenishing the replenisher. Extend the life of the battery. I use a proportionately prepared (distilled water + resurrection) electric vehicle maintenance-free battery-specific liquid (do not pay attention, it is not a supplemental liquid for "water battery" or other liquids!).

The industry has also read a number of related articles, I feel that these articles have ignored a very important issue, that is, only how to add replenishing liquid, and did not analyze the cause of the failure. In this way, failure to deal with is not able to eradicate the fault. There are a lot of batteries that have been filled with replenishing liquid, and they have been used for a short period of time. Some have added wrong replenishing liquid or battery breakage, and more serious problems such as battery explosion. For the problem of battery casing bulging and bursting, after analysis, the main reason is that the air venting groove of the vent is too shallow, resulting in dust plaque on the vent on the protective cover, and the rubber cap on the vent is used in the battery for a period of time. Aging, reducing its own elasticity, resulting in the temperature and pressure generated in the case of high ambient temperature or long charging time, can not be exhausted and decompressed in time, the shell will bulge for a long time, and some may burst.

In response to this problem, the industry's improvement method is actually very simple, that is, to increase the air vent of the exhaust port. From a safety and economic perspective, the author believes that it is still feasible. The method is: use a paper cutter to cut the exhaust port into a V-shaped groove, the length of which is equal to the length of the rubber cap. The venting holes on the protective cover must also be enlarged. Although this will quickly lose some replenishing fluid, it can quickly reduce the pressure inside the battery casing and prevent the casing from bulging and bursting. This method is also a reference to the design method of the water battery. If it is not too troublesome, it can be modified according to the method of adding the liquid vent of the water battery, so that the liquid can be replenished at any time in the future.

Option II:

While repairing these maintenance-free batteries, the industry has come up with a new idea, which is to make an innovative experiment using the materials available at hand. The purpose of the test is mainly to solve the problem of dryness of the electrolyte. Because this friend often uses high voltage transformer oil. This oil has good thermal conductivity and high pressure resistance and high ignition point. It is mainly used in power transformers, medical X-ray machines and some common civil oil oils and other equipment for heat dissipation.

For the maintenance-free battery filling transformer oil, mainly for the vertical use environment, such as the author's 12AH, 20AH, 32AH, 45AH battery, as well as a few X-ray machines and UPS power supply replaced electrolyte dry battery. The specific experimental practice is as follows: according to the degree of dryness of the electrolyte according to the ratio of 5:3:2, first add 30% distilled water, then add 20% of the replenishing solution, if the dryness is more serious, you can The ratio of distilled water to replenishing solution is adjusted, and 20% distilled water and 30% replenishing solution are added. For batteries that have been used for about two years, you can directly add 50% distilled water and 50% transformer oil without adding liquid.

Finally, add about 50% of the transformer oil. The amount of transformer oil filling should be observed through the vent hole until the electrode plate is completely immersed in the liquid. Each battery is filled in a different amount. When filling, the vector liquid should be added according to the amount of electrolyte missing in the battery.

The above two solutions, regardless of the type, must be glued after the liquid is replenished, and an anti-inverted mark is placed on the battery case to prevent the liquid from flowing out.

[Note] Be sure to pay attention to safety when replenishing electrolyte. In particular, be sure to protect your eyes!

Finally explain. Whether this experimental method of the industry is really applicable can be determined after a certain period of application. However, interested friends can take out their old batteries and do an experiment. You can also share your experience and welcome your comments.