9 Car Owners 9 Useless Start And Stop? Don't Use These 5 Situations

- Sep 19, 2018-

9 car owners 9 useless start and stop? Don't use these 5 situations!


The function of "automatic start and stop" sounds like it sounds like it is quite high. Actually, there are a lot of cars with a price of about 100,000 yuan, and this function is not available in recent years. It has been developed since the 1930s. It used to be in high-end cars, and it has now become popular in our family cars.

What is automatic start and stop?

Generally, the car is equipped with this function. As long as the car is started, the automatic start-stop system is in normal working condition. When you drive to a traffic light or stop for other reasons, press the brakes. After two seconds, the engine will automatically turn off, then Going away, when you release the brakes and step on the throttle, or turn the steering wheel slightly, the engine starts again.

Situation 1: It is necessary to close the start and stop on the road of serious traffic jam!

Because the domestic traffic jam problem (especially in big cities) is very serious, the continuous start/stop of the engine will not reduce fuel consumption, but will increase fuel consumption and increase the burden on the engine. This is a cost-saving skill. The culprit of oil. Therefore, if you open to the traffic jam section, it is recommended that the majority of riders should turn off this function. Vehicles with this function must have a switch button in the obvious position, so that the owner can adjust the usage according to the specific conditions.

Case 2: Do not open the air when opening the air conditioner!

Generally speaking, when the engine with the engine start-stop skill is turned off, the air conditioner will stop the cooling function, and only the air will be supplied, which will affect the ride experience of the owner and the passenger. In addition, if the weather is hot, the temperature inside the car will rise rapidly, and the engine will start again. Instead, the engine will be launched frequently, which will not be worth the candle.

Situation 3: Turn the start and stop on the up and down ramp!

Because encountering the front car when going up and down may cause the vehicle to temporarily stop at a sloped location, and the engine will take a certain amount of time to start again, using the engine start and stop skills may add risk. However, most vehicles now detect ramps, downhill slopes of more than 10%, uphill slopes of more than 12%, and start-stop systems will not be activated.

Situation 4: Please turn off when parking at low speed!

Although the start and stop skills of the vehicle will not start under the condition of reverse gear, if your vehicle needs to be repeatedly poured in, the engine will stop when the vehicle adjusts the distance, which will both delay the event and destroy the car.

Situation 5: Wading must be closed!

Because the wading travel is often at a low speed, once the situation stops, the accident stops the system, and the negative pressure may cause the water to flow back into the engine from the exhaust pipe. As a result, I don’t even think about it.

In fact, as long as the automatic start and stop function can be used to a certain extent, it can achieve the effect of saving fuel. It can not only help low-carbon environmental protection for the benefit of future generations, but also save the real money for the owner! In the United States, a year will accumulate 10 million tons of gasoline when the vehicle is idling. If it can save half, it is not a small amount.

If one day China's oil prices are also skyrocketing, everyone should feel that there are more than one liter of oil per 100 kilometers compared to ordinary vehicles. That is the silver of white flowers!