After Receiving A 2 Million Order, The Battery Factory Has Closed Down

- Jul 11, 2018-

After receiving a 2 million order, the battery factory has closed down...

A 2 million order

The buyer asked 4 trading companies

The trading company asked 8 battery factories

The battery factory asked 16 raw material plants and 16 processing plants.

Business is not good now

Face so many competitors!


Price reduction

Price reduction



No minimum price, only lower prices

Customers are not willing

Look for a few bargaining prices

At last

Order received

The price is low

The profit has disappeared

The quality is compromised

Product quality inspection failed

The payment is not given

The battery factory has closed down

Appropriate bargaining is possible

But not for the sake of cheap

Give up quality

Like this paper boat

This paper boat material costs 100 yuan

I even sell 101 yuan for the cost.

Others will think that I am expensive!

Others reported 95 yuan,

I don't know if the material I bought for 95 yuan will be fake.

But if it is true, do you think he will sell it?

Supplier based on material cost, labor cost

Actually reporting the price, but always can hear:

Some people report lower than you, I am looking for someone else!

Then he bought it and found that it was not the case at all.

You compress the customer's labor costs, profits

Then, the supplier only cuts you from the cost of materials.

The battery you get is not the same as you think.

Even inferior products

Bean curd products

Finally, not only harmed the supplier

Also harmed myself

No matter what industry

No way to survive without profit

Can't be strong without quality

Finally, I want to say:

Quality determines the price,

The price must be fixed,

Be sure to make the customer profitable,

Do long-term supply and demand,

Do not do business once,

Choose to start with trust...