AGM Battery No Gas Emissions

- Aug 18, 2017-

AGM Battery (absorbable glass fiber network batteries) is mainly used in the car with the start and stop system. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, AGM battery technology is more advanced, can better solve the pressure of the engine to start frequently, and the battery on the growing power load.

The original car is AGM battery, but without start and stop system, can replace the ordinary battery?

Not recommended, one is because the AGM battery for start and stop system vehicles, but does not mean do not start and stop without AGM Battery, we most often come into contact with the Mercedes-Benz original battery, installed in the rear compartment with a 7-8 years, Why, because it is the use of VRLA battery (Baidu look) is the predecessor of AGM battery, its design life can reach 15 years, coupled with the current luxury cars are equipped with a variety of electronic systems, so often there are many electronic version Models. In exchange for ordinary batteries, these features will be greatly reduced or even closed.

Second, AGM Battery and VRLA batteries are fully sealed battery, the use of gas-free emissions, replaced by ordinary battery work will produce gas on the human body injury, more terrible is the use of batteries in the process of emissions is just hydrogen and oxygen, In the car concentration of 4% will be the risk of explosion, not afraid, then you can try the next

Can the vehicle AGM battery with the start and stop system be replaced with a regular battery?

Absolutely can not, I would like to reason I do not have to talk about it? Can not help, or say three points:

First, start and stop the system of frequent high current start, dozens of times a day high current discharge, ordinary battery pack can do, too low battery capacity but will delay the start and stop system.

Second, the start and stop system generator management system, the car in the process of moving the computer if the battery is fully charged to turn off the generator does not generate electricity, this time the whole car electronic system using all battery-powered, ordinary battery can do it?

Third, the start and stop system brake power recovery system, this time the high current charge is the general battery can not tolerate.

Do not say why someone else for the ordinary and nothing, do not all the ordinary battery dare to give me a year, I just want to say that time can prove everything, apply a ad: not all batteries are called AGM battery.

What is the life of the AGM battery?

In the start parking, look at the use of the environment, north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen traffic jam start and stop frequently, a year is also normal, the mainland traffic smooth, two or three years can also often see 15 years of the car has been replaced in the battery. If not start and stop system is only multi-electronic version, it is easy to use 3 - 5 years is not a problem.