Appearance Should Not Crack, Deformation

- Aug 18, 2017-

The battery voltage is lower than 2.18v dual battery appears

1) double board battery capacity decline and shorten the life of the main reason is that the base station is always in the power supply state, power outage for a long time, no power supply.

2) According to the battery dissipation of the battery, the battery failure of the battery life, the early failure of battery capacity is a typical phenomenon.

Structure and dual battery GFM series performance characteristics

1, double-board battery by the positive, negative plate, partitions, cans, cover, safety valve, bus terminals, electrolytes and other components Battery structure, to ensure that the service life, electrolyte without leakage.

2, battery cover, safety valve, flame retardant material sealant.

3, the battery polarity and polarity consistent. The terminals of the positive and negative terminals should be easily connected to the bolts. The polarity of the terminals and the terminal dimensions should be in accordance with the manufacturer's production standards. Positive and negative terminals with short-circuit insulation caps.

4, the battery cable between the insulation, the battery terminal should be in the copper cable has a special terminal, copper crimp terminal board and battery-powered.

5, the battery plate thickness of not less than 4.5mm.

6, the appearance of dual battery appearance should not crack, deformation and strain.

7. The open circuit voltage, the difference between the maximum open circuit voltage and the minimum open circuit voltage of each battery in the battery pack shall not exceed the values specified in Table