Automotive Battery The Ease Of Use And Comfort

- Aug 18, 2017-

General car is the use of maintenance-free Automotive Battery, the general life of about 3 years. But some owners less than 3 years the battery on the issue, and some owners of the battery with more than five years for the change, these are the owners and the daily car habits have a great relationship. Winter battery feed phenomenon will be more, so the owner in the daily use of the battery to pay attention to the conservation.

Many owners in order to improve the convenience and comfort of the use of the car, often use the cigarette lighter this power interface external a lot of equipment, such as GPS, driving recorder, air purifier, etc., these devices rely on cigarette lighter power supply work. Some models of cigarette lighter in the flame state is still in power mode, if you do not pull out the external equipment will consume battery power, loss of battery.

② do not turn off the multimedia before the flame

Do not shut down from the media before the flame, the next start the vehicle when these systems will automatically open, which in turn lead to vehicle instantaneous power load is too high. Especially air conditioning is not related to the long-term will cause excessive loss of the battery.

③ long time after the flame

After the shutdown of the car's generator is not working, the battery is not charged in the case of "dry consumption" state, the capacity reduction is likely to cause the vehicle can not start, and excessive discharge for the battery itself has great damage.

④ long or frequent ignition

Frequent ignition requires the battery to the starter to provide a strong current, will cause its own loss.

The daily maintenance of the battery

① When the vehicle is parked for a long period of time, remove the battery from the battery. Avoid "power" affect battery performance.

② timely removal of the corrosive material on the battery can be hot water way, after the removal of the pile head on the need to cast anti-corrosion of butter.

Battery replacement precautions

Many of the vehicles, such as clocks, windows, skylights, driving computer and so on need to maintain power, otherwise it is necessary to re-set. And the replacement of the battery need to cut off the power of the vehicle, so Xiaobian still do not recommend the owner to change their batteries, unless you are really a master.