Charging In The Summer, Electric Cars Can Run 10 Kilometers More

- Jun 26, 2018-

Charging in the summer, electric cars can run 10 kilometers more

Although electric vehicles can run on electricity, many people find that the mileage of electric vehicles has become shorter and shorter as temperatures have risen. In fact, this is closely related to the way we usually charge. The battery heats up during charging and the battery temperature rises above 45 degrees. In the summer, when charging an electric vehicle, it is particularly necessary to pay attention. Improper charging can cause damage to the electric vehicle battery and reduce the service life of the battery.

1. After the electric car stops, the battery cannot be charged immediately

When the electric vehicle is in a riding state, the battery itself will generate heat. In addition, the temperature of the battery may even reach 70% or more when the weather is hot. At this time, charging the battery will intensify the dehydration of the battery and reduce the service life of the battery. Increase the risk of battery charging. Therefore, the electric vehicle should be stopped for more than half an hour before the battery is cooled and then charged.

2, can not charge the battery in direct sunlight

The battery also generates heat during charging. If the battery is charged under direct sunlight, the battery will lose water and damage the battery. So try to charge the battery in a cool place, or choose to charge the electric car in the evening.

3, charging time can not exceed 10 hours, or even charge the entire night

Many electric car users often charge overnight for convenience. Charging for a long time will not only reduce the mileage of electric vehicles, but also seriously affect the battery life. Regardless of whether or not the charger is turned on, the charging time should be controlled within 10 hours.

4, electric car charger to do special car

Many families now have two or more electric cars. Many electric cars are of different brands and different models. The battery model is also different, and the charger is naturally different and cannot be used universally. The charger should be dedicated to the special car. If it is broken, it should be promptly taken to the car shop or repair shop, and the new charger should be checked by professional personnel.

5, can not use no-name charger to charge the battery

Some people are greedy for cheap, think that the charger can be charged as long as the battery can be charged, the electronic components of the no-name charger are basically used inferior materials, easy to damage. The problem that often arises is that after the battery is fully charged, it does not turn on the light, and the charging current cannot be adjusted according to the current of the battery, resulting in a large number of batteries being overcharged. After many overcharges, the battery will be charged. The right approach is to go to a professional electric car shop or repair shop and buy regular brand chargers.

6, can not use fast charger to charge the battery

The fast charging charger brings convenience to the electric vehicle user and also leads to serious gas evolution and water loss. Therefore, before going out to check the power to ensure that the electric car has a normal power, to meet travel needs, if the battery is low, charging before going out.

Learn these scientific charging methods, your little eDonkey can ride 10 kilometers more!