Charging Method Of 6V Battery

- Feb 07, 2018-

6V batteries are used in a variety of chemicals and their design. Trying to recharge a 6V battery (the original battery) is undesirable because it may cause the battery to explode. Some 6V batteries can be easily damaged by reverse charging if they are completely discharged, but some need to be fully discharged at regular intervals. 6V Standard Battery At present, 6V battery is widely used in low-power equipment, including car starter, a variety of portable equipment and tools, continuous electrical systems. The requirements of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles for 6V batteries have led to improvements in the technology to reduce costs, 6V Standard Battery reduce their weight and increase their life expectancy.

6V battery is a device that converts chemical energy directly into electric energy, which is a rechargeable battery designed by a reversible chemical reaction, usually referred to as a lead-acid 6V battery, which is a kind of battery, belonging to two times battery. Its working principle: the use of external electrical energy when charging to regenerate the internal active substances, 6V Standard Battery the electrical energy stored as chemical energy, need to discharge the chemical energy again into the energy output, such as the life of the commonly used cell phone batteries.

The 6V battery uses a lead base grid (also called a lattice) filled with a sponge-like lead as a negative electrode, filling the lead-based grid with lead dioxide as the cathode, and using a density of 1.26--1 33g/mlg/ml as electrolyte. When the battery is discharged, the metal lead is the cathode, 6V Standard Battery the oxidation reaction occurs, the lead sulfate is produced, the lead dioxide is the positive, the reduction reaction occurs and the lead sulfate is produced. When the battery is charged with direct current, the two poles generate elemental lead and lead dioxide respectively. When the power is removed, it reverts to the State before the discharge, 6V Standard Battery forming a chemical battery. Lead 6V Battery is able to repeatedly charge, discharge, its monomer voltage is 2V, the battery is composed of one or more monomer batteries, referred to as 6V battery.

6V battery Charging method is as follows:

One, constant current method, is based on 6V battery capacity, so that the final use of one-tenth of the capacity of the current charge, that is, the usual 10-hour rate of current charge. The 6v6v battery is larger than 6v voltage, but the battery should be charged with one-tenth current of its capacity.

Second, constant pressure method, is based on the battery voltage, such as 6V battery can be used 7.3v constant voltage charge regardless of current size.

Three or three paragraph (or many) because the first two methods have a defect, because in the power cell this piece of more use this method, namely constant current, 6V Standard Battery constant pressure again constant flow to overcome the constant pressure method of the previous current too large, and constant current method of the late currents too small fault. 6V Battery to select the appropriate current number of 6v charger.

Four, floating filling method, this method is generally used in uninterruptible power supply, that is, the 6V battery into the power supply circuit, so that the final in charge of the state, 6V Standard Battery only in the power supply equipment problems when he works, he is a constant pressure method of application.