Colloidal Solar Batteries With Resistance To Overcharge Capacity

- Feb 07, 2018-

Colloidal solar battery advantages In order to ensure that the photovoltaic system in the quality of lead-acid batteries in the quality of solar cells to promote the application of high-quality photovoltaic dedicated solar storage battery, we PV system for lead-acid colloidal solar battery characteristics of the use of a special research and design, Developed a new type of energy storage colloidal colloidal colloidal solar battery for the photovoltaic system, the series of colloidal solar batteries in the use of recycling, deep discharge, high and low temperature use, Solar Gel Battery resistance to overcharge capacity, undercharge recovery capacity, etc. have significantly improved , The main advantages are as follows:

(1) the use of suitable positive and negative alloy formula, Solar Gel Battery the colloidal solar battery is more suitable for the characteristics of the depth of charge and discharge cycle.

(2) the design of colloidal electrolyte, effectively inhibit the AGM valve-controlled lead-acid storage of solar cells can not avoid the phenomenon of electrolyte stratification, and can better inhibit the loss of active substances and plate sulphate phenomenon, Thus delaying the colloidal solar battery in the use of the performance of the decline, Solar Gel Battery improve the colloidal solar battery deep charge and discharge cycle life.

(3) self-discharge is small, so that colloidal solar batteries have a longer shelf life, reduce the storage period of colloidal solar battery maintenance frequency and workload.

(4) float voltage is low, float current is small, colloidal solar battery charging efficiency is high; Solar Gel Battery charge acceptance is good, less power recovery ability.

(5) the production of strict consistency of the process requirements, so that the difference between the individual colloidal solar cells shrink; colloidal solar battery capacity, open circuit voltage and self-discharge three parameters of the match, the colloidal solar battery in the individual characteristics of the curve more consistent , Solar Gel Battery The overall performance is more excellent.

(6) oxygen cycle is superior to ordinary electrolyte colloidal solar batteries, less water loss, extending the life of colloidal solar batteries.

(7) The design of the gel electrolyte solution and the combination of the copper-clad pole make the colloid solar battery safety further improve the possibility of electrolyte leakage further reduced.

(8) colloidal solar battery electrolyte containing silica gel colloidal material, gel state, no flow; colloidal injection for the dilute sol state, good hydrophilicity, uniform dispersion, can be filled with colloidal solar energy within the battery. Colloidal solar batteries in the case of high temperature and overcharge, resistance to overcharge capacity, difficult to dry phenomenon, colloidal colloidal solar battery heat capacity, heat dissipation is good, Solar Gel Battery not easy to produce thermal runaway phenomenon, colloidal solar batteries can be more harsh environment jobs.

China's photovoltaic industry is extremely rapid development, the Government of photovoltaic power generation, including the development of clean energy is also very important, Solar Gel Battery colloidal solar energy as a solar photovoltaic system in the key components, will also be widely used.