Do Not Want To Break Down Halfway, You Must Master These Battery Maintenance Skills

- Nov 12, 2018-

Do not want to break down halfway, you must master these battery maintenance skills


How does the use have a bad effect on the battery? Today we will talk about the knowledge of car batteries.

The battery is mainly divided into three types: ordinary battery, dry charge battery and maintenance-free battery. It is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Its function is to supply power to the engine. When the engine is under-powered or not started, it supplies power to the interior electrical appliances such as sound system and lighting system. When the engine starts to supply power normally, the battery collects and stores electric energy for future use. use.

Car battery life

The design life of the car battery is 27 months, and several factors that affect the battery life are: car condition, road condition, driver's habit. There is no absolute time to judge the cycle of replacement, driving less, it is ok to use a car with a careful family for three or four years, and some may change it in a year or so.

Determine if the battery needs to be replaced:
01, the battery indicator lights up
If the battery indicator lights up, it indicates that the battery is too low at this time, you need to start the engine in time or use an external charging device to charge.
Many models have a battery indicator device, also called “electric eye”, which is usually in the upper right corner of the battery. The battery indicator can be used to judge the battery condition. If the color in the "electric eye" is green, the battery is in good condition; it is black, indicating that the battery capacity is not enough; if it is white, it means that the battery is scrapped and needs to be replaced in time.
Of course, if there is no such device, it can be measured with a volt pen after the car is turned off, if the voltage is greater than 12V.

02, the vehicle is difficult to catch fire If the vehicle is difficult to start normally, it needs to be fired many times, and often hears a "beep" sound, which indicates that the vehicle battery power is seriously insufficient. At this time, it is very likely that the battery has been depleted. It is recommended to check the battery and replace it.

03, driving at night, the car lights are dark
When the car is driving at night, if the battery life is insufficient, the battery power will not be enough to provide sufficient lighting power, and the car lights will be significantly darker. Once this happens, it is recommended to replace the battery in time to avoid affecting driving safety.
In the summer, the maintenance of car batteries should be done in the following aspects.
1. When the battery pile head is dusty, oily or white, wipe it with a rag, especially white powder, because it is a corrosive substance that can easily damage the battery. You can apply some butter to the battery to reduce the degree of corrosion.
2. Do not charge the battery after it has been exhausted. Some car owners use air conditioners, headlights, in-car audio and other equipment for a long time to cause the battery to be over-discharged and then recharged, which will affect the battery life in the long run.
3. Check if the water level of the battery is normal. If the water level is lower than the subscript line in the battery, add distilled water in time. Remember to add tap water because the chemicals in the tap water will cause damage to the battery.
4. Check if the generator can be charged normally. It can be tested with a three-meter meter, and 13V or more means normal.
The battery plays a very important role in starting the vehicle, so it is usually necessary to take time to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the battery to avoid the difficulty of starting or half-turning the vehicle.