Domestic Battery Manufacturers Are Accelerating Layout Capacity

- Dec 12, 2018-

Domestic battery manufacturers are accelerating layout capacity


China Energy Storage Network News: Recently, it was reported that the second phase of the new generation of Samsung Power New Battery was started in Xi'an, which was interpreted as Samsung SDI's power battery business in China pressed the “Restart” button. It is reported that the second phase of the project has a total investment of 10.5 billion yuan and a construction area of 160,000 square meters. After the project is completed, five 60Ah lithium-ion power battery production lines will be formed.

A person from Samsung China Society told the reporter that the above news about Samsung SDI restarting the Xi'an power battery project originally came from the Korean media, and it is not clear whether the project will be restarted. The reporter also called Samsung Huanxin (Xi'an) Power Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Samsung Huanxin). A financial department person did not respond to the call after answering the call.

Samsung Huanxin is a Sino-foreign joint venture established by Samsung SDI, Anhui Huanxin Group Co., Ltd. and Xi'an Gaoke (Group) Co., Ltd. on June 18, 2014. At the time of its establishment, the shareholding ratio of Samsung SDI, Anhui Huanxin and Xi'an Gaoke 50%, 35% and 15% respectively.

Just as Samsung Ring New started again, many power battery manufacturers have expanded their production. Ningde Times (300750) plans to invest no more than 7.4 billion yuan to build power and energy storage battery projects; BYD (002594) also launched 24Gwh capacity this year. Construction. Industry insiders told reporters that the demand for power batteries is determined, and manufacturers naturally have to expand production, but the industry competition will be more intense.

The first phase of the Samsung Xinxin Power Battery Project was put into operation in October 2015. At the beginning of 2017, Samsung SDI suspended plans to add new production lines at Xi'an Battery Factory; after three years, Samsung Ring New Phase II project was launched.

It is worth mentioning that on August 9 this year, Xi'an Hi-Tech signed a new 15% stake in Samsung Ring on the Xi'an Equity Exchange. Based on February 28 this year, Samsung Ring's total assets are 4.03 billion yuan, total liabilities are 3.374 billion yuan, owner's equity is 656 million yuan, net assets are estimated at 1.675 billion yuan, and the value of Samsung Ring's new 15% equity is 251 million yuan.

The final result of this equity transaction shows that Samsung SDI has transferred a new 15% stake in Samsung Ring held by Xi'an Hi-Tech, which means that Samsung SDI's new shareholding in Samsung Ring has risen to 65%. However, at present, this business information change has not been completed.

In addition, the reporter learned that on November 1st, the relevant person in charge of the Industrial and Information Bureau of Xi'an High-tech Zone went to Samsung Huanxin to investigate and discuss the problems existing in the production and operation of the enterprise, and listened to the recent production and operation of the Samsung New Battery. Reporting on the situation and communicating and communicating around the issues and difficulties raised by the company.

At the end of last month, the board of directors of Ningde Times passed a resolution. In order to meet the daily production and operation and capital construction needs of the company and its subsidiaries, the company and its subsidiaries intend to apply to the bank for a total of no more than RMB 110 billion. credit line.

Ningde era also plans to build a power and energy storage lithium battery project through the wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangsu Times Investment, the total investment of the project does not exceed 7.4 billion yuan. Ningde Times said that the market demand for the power battery industry will continue to grow in the next few years, and the implementation of the project will further expand the company's production capacity and enhance the company's core competitiveness.

BYD also expanded its production capacity of 24Gwh ternary battery in Qinghai. It was completed in two phases. It has started production in June this year and is expected to reach full production by the end of next year.

Tianfeng Securities pointed out that the bidding of leading battery factories has been frequent since the second half of the year, which is far from the market's previous perception that there is a large surplus of power batteries and insufficient expansion of power. Tianfeng Securities believes that the long-term layout of the car factory will start a large-scale supply agreement with Dachang in advance, and it is necessary to consider the demand from 2020 or even after 2025. (Source: Securities Times)