Efficient Fast Charge Way, High Efficiency

- Aug 18, 2017-

The market for the sale of the main charger and general-purpose two. The so-called special type is equipped with an electrical integrated battery block to implement charging, typically a mobile phone charger. Select the type of charger generally choose the original package of products is more suitable, one model counterpart (a dedicated charging adapter) charging voltage corresponding to the second is that most of these chargers are efficient fast charge way, high efficiency. The best advantage of domestic compatible charger is cheap, but because the manufacturers are not the same internal lines, the use of charging methods are different, many products in order to reduce the cost of using simple electronic circuits, charging effect is not good and not using the international Recommended charging method. If you buy domestic charger should not buy too cheap products, it is best to have a discharge and full of self-stop products. China is also no shortage of quality goods, are generally equipped with LCD charging process instructions and with automatic fast charging function. General-purpose charger is the need for a separate section of the battery charge, the market products to domestic products, most of the previously mentioned 10% C simple charging line, and some with electricity test and other additional features. Buy a general-purpose charger Note and to use their own battery matching (to slow charge, for example, charging current of 10% C), the market also has some of the price slightly more expensive with a self-stop fast charger, the use of more convenient. Mid-range universal fast charger with a charge status indication, and in the product packaging specifications marked with a self-stop function.

Disposable batteries are commonly known as batteries, because their power is exhausted, can not be recharged, can only be discarded. Common disposable batteries include alkaline manganese batteries, zinc manganese batteries, lithium batteries, silver and zinc batteries, zinc empty batteries, zinc mercury batteries and magnesium manganese batteries.

Rechargeable batteries according to the production of materials and different technology, the common lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-iron batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries. The advantage is long cycle life, they can charge and discharge more than 200 times, some rechargeable battery load force than most of the disposable batteries. Ordinary nickel cadmium, nickel-metal hydride batteries in use, the unique memory effect, resulting in the use of inconvenience, often lead to premature failure.

Ordinary battery is a one-time use, and rechargeable batteries can be charged with a charger, repeated use.

Ordinary 1,2,3,5,7 single cell nominal voltage is 1.5V, while the nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery nominal voltage is 1.2V, lithium-ion rechargeable battery nominal voltage is 3.7V, lead-acid battery Is 2V.

The most versatile is the number 5 (AA type) and 7 (AAA type) rechargeable batteries, many digital cameras, diskman, Walkman, MD, PDA and so need to use. This type of battery mainly nickel-cadmium / nickel-hydrogen two types of the following main talk about nickel-cadmium / nickel-hydrogen problems. Nickel and cadmium / nickel-metal hydride batteries have AA and AAA models can directly replace the ordinary 5 and 7 disposable batteries, although the standard battery voltage of 1.5V and nickel-cadmium / nickel-metal hydride batteries only 1.2V, but generally does not affect the use of The

First of all, to introduce a rechargeable battery is an important parameter - that is, battery capacity, with the unit AH (Ann) said. We can see that it is a composite unit, by the current unit and time unit product, representing the battery at constant current continuous discharge time of the product. In small batteries, we usually use a smaller unit mAH (mAh). For example, a fully charged battery with 60MA current discharge can last 10 hours, the discharge current and time multiplication we know that this section of the battery capacity is 600mAH, theoretically if it is used in 600MA discharge can use a Hour (divided by the discharge capacity of the battery). Battery capacity parameters on behalf of the battery can store how much power, in the same volume is always the more the better, we generally in the retail packaging battery can see the capacity logo.

Purchase this type of rechargeable battery mainly consider the capacity and specifications as well as the price. First, determine the size of the purchase of batteries, for the battery compartment of the relatively small equipment, or need to place more than one side of the battery device, pay attention to the purchase of high capacity, thicker battery is appropriate. The positive side of the rechargeable battery also has two different forms, one is similar to the ordinary battery with some protruding parts, help with the battery box or other battery negative contact good, there is a flat battery cap, more suitable for welding into a battery Piece. It is advisable to use a rechargeable battery in the form of the former. Packaging on the battery is divided into industrial packaging and retail packaging, industrial packaging only monochrome plastic skin, the main supplier to do the use of battery blocks, a single battery in addition to the production date, there is no other information. The retail packaging looks more beautiful, there are detailed, including the brand, trademark, capacity and origin and other information, and some also comes with a simple charging method, suitable for ordinary users. Followed by the choice of battery capacity. For large equipment such as digital cameras, flashlights, communications equipment and other power consumption, large capacity NiMH batteries are preferred from working hours and performance, and batteries with large capacity can be used for a longer period of time. 5 batteries can reach 1200-1300mAH, 7 batteries can reach 550mAH, almost twice the capacity of low-capacity nickel-cadmium batteries. For low-power radios, it is more economical to choose nickel-cadmium batteries. Once again, the choice of brand, the general brand-name product quality assurance, performance excellence, in many mobile phones and walkie-talkie battery blocks are used in Panasonic and Sanyo and Toshiba battery. Retail nickel-metal hydride batteries in the GP super-more well-known, as well as to provide a combination of charger packaging. Domestic swan card is also good. Nickel-cadmium batteries in the GP, Hitachi, Panasonic more common, the performance is also better.