Every 3 Months Charge And Discharge Once To Maintain Activity

- Aug 18, 2017-

Now fpv are used on the lithium battery, and fpv racing in a lot of flying hands are used 3s / 4s battery.

The so-called 3s is made of three lithium batteries in series (3S1P), that is, the voltage of each chip is 3.7V. The actual voltage of the monolithic lithium battery is 2.75 ~ 4.2V, and the capacitance of the lithium battery is 4.2V discharge to 2.75V. Fpv lithium battery must be maintained at 2.75 ~ 4.2V this voltage range. If the battery voltage is less than 2.75V is over-discharge, lithium will expand, the internal chemical liquid will crystallize, these crystals may pierce the internal structure layer caused by short circuit, and even make the lithium voltage becomes zero. Remote control model lithium battery voltage is higher than 4.2V are overcharged, the internal chemical reaction is too intense, lithium will be inflated, if the charge will continue to expand, burning. Whether it is over-discharge or overcharge will be on the remote control model lithium battery have a lot of damage.

Since the battery used for fpv is often violent flight, so the use and maintenance of fpv batteries must pay attention to skills.

1, the charging voltage shall not exceed the specified limit voltage (single chip 4.2V), 4.25V for each section of the maximum charge voltage limit. Charging current should not be too large (such as 3s1500MAH TATTU brand battery generally set with a charger 1.5a-2a charge)

2, the correct connection of the battery positive and negative, if the positive and negative reverse, will not be able to charge the battery. Reverse charging will cause the battery to be damaged, and even lead to heat, leakage, fire.

3, the discharge will lead to damage to the battery, the discharge of the battery voltage shall not be less than 3.6V (single to 3.8v when almost the aircraft can start landing).

4, the battery should be placed in a cool environment, storage, long-term storage of the battery (more than 3 months), the proposed temperature of 10-25 ° C and low temperature non-corrosive gas environment. The battery in the long-term storage process every 3 months charge and discharge once to maintain battery activity, and to ensure that each cell voltage in the range of 3.7 ~ 3.9V!

5, no matter how good the battery had to be equipped with a good charger, tens of dollars of the no-name chargers do not fly.

6, fly FPV must use brand batteries, no brand-name batteries, single-chip voltage difference

7, hot fly when the best choice before sunrise or when the sun down the mountain, the temperature is not so high, the battery, pay attention to heat, can plug in the plane outside the plane as far as possible to give it heat dissipation.