Gasoline Rose To 8 Yuan Liter, The Opportunity Of The Battery Industry Is Coming Friends Who Sell Batteries Must Watch

- Oct 30, 2018-

Gasoline rose to 8 yuan / liter, the opportunity of the battery industry is coming! (Friends who sell batteries must watch)


After the domestic oil product "four consecutive rises", the price of gasoline on the 92nd is almost 8 yuan / liter, and the gasoline on the 95th is as high as 8.46 yuan / liter, which indicates that the "high oil price era" is coming again. In the face of increasing travel costs, private car owners are suffering, some have begun to choose other modes of travel, and electric bicycles have become their first choice. For ordinary people: saving money is the last word!

1, real benefits, save money to see

Relative to the soaring oil price, riding an electric bicycle only costs a few cents per kilometer, and only one yuan a day to charge a single charge, it is not too cost-effective! Generally, the normal service life of the battery can be more than one year, and the battery is properly maintained if the battery is properly maintained and the service life is longer.

2, run far, travel more freely

It is also convenient to ride an electric car without blocking. If you want to stop, you can stop it, and you can't arrange an "encounter". With the brand battery, don't worry about running not far, even if it is cold, the power is still dripping. The battery is excellent in low temperature resistance, so you can have no worries about your trip.

3, develop the habit of charging electric vehicles every day, is also to cultivate a life law

From the early run to the night, the electric car that has been tired for a day is like the people, saying that it is the end of the road, and the road that is far away will never stop halfway. Charge the car's battery every day, keep the battery in good condition, stay longer, and stay with you for a long time. Regular charging and flexible riding will add security to your travels.

4, the time is very slow, the road is very smooth, there is no reason to be late for work.

Now the time is fast, the road is blocked outside the long pavilion, and it is normal for 30 minutes. To improve transportation and the environment, in addition to relying on the government, we have to change our lifestyle and philosophy. Traveling by electric car, in addition to improving the convenience of personal activities, but also flexible control of time, by the way also contributed to environmental protection.

Cars burn oil, electric cars "burn" is electricity; good cars need to add good oil, good electric cars should be equipped with batteries. The price of oil does not rise, I don’t drive, I ride an electric car. Both save money and worry, everyone said it is right! If you want to sell your battery, please forward this article to let your potential customers see you! If you want to buy a battery and ride an electric car, you will find the person who forwards this article. ! !