How Do Companies Get Environmental Protection Procedures And Respond To Environmental Storms

- Aug 09, 2018-

How do companies get environmental protection procedures and respond to environmental storms?


When the environmental storm comes, the bosses, you have to do something about it!

1. Check if your home's environmental assessment procedures are in place. Otherwise, this is called unapproved first. Waiting for you is fine, stop production.

Article 61 of the new Environmental Protection Law (implemented from January 1, 2015) as amended in 2014 stipulates: “The construction unit has not submitted the construction project environmental impact assessment document or the environmental impact assessment document without approval, and started construction without authorization. The department responsible for environmental protection supervision and management shall order the construction to be stopped, impose a fine, and may order it to be reinstated."

Article 31 of the new Environmental Impact Assessment Law (implemented from September 1, 2016) as amended in 2016 stipulates: “The construction unit has not submitted the environmental impact report and report form of the construction project according to law, or has not complied with the second If the provisions of Article 14 are re-approved or submitted for re-examination of the environmental impact report and report form, and the construction is started without authorization, the environmental protection administrative department at or above the county level shall order the construction to be stopped, and the total investment amount of the construction project shall be based on the illegal circumstances and the harmful consequences. A fine of one percent or more and less than five percent may be ordered to be reinstated; administrative personnel directly responsible for the construction unit and other directly responsible personnel shall be given administrative sanctions according to law."

2, check your home's environmental protection "three simultaneous" acceptance has not been. Otherwise, it is a long-term investment, waiting for a fine.

3. Check the pollution discharge concentration and total pollutant discharge.

The total amount of pollutants and the concentration of pollutants are different. If the technical terminology of a sewage discharge pollutant (CODcrX tons) is decomposed, it can be explained by the above concept. The control of the total amount of pollutants is another way to avoid excessive discharge of sewage, which means that the original pollution concentration exceeds the standard. Emissions are not allowed, but after being diluted with a large amount of water, the test will not exceed the standard, so that it will not be penalized by environmental protection, but the control of the total amount of pollutants will stop such incidents.

Boss, you can check if the pollution emission concentration does not exceed the standard, but the total amount of pollutant emissions exceeds. Then check to see if the total amount of nuclear is less, or is the production capacity increased

4. Check your home's online monitor to see if the daily average data exceeds the standard.

"Administrative Measures for Automatic Monitoring of Pollution Sources" (Order No. 28 of the State Environmental Protection Administration Order No. 28 of September 19, 2005) Article 14 (1) (5) stipulates that automatic monitoring equipment cannot collect and transmit data due to faults. In time, it shall be promptly overhauled and reported to the environmental monitoring agency, and if necessary, manual monitoring methods shall be used to submit data.

Remember, you can't do anything with monitoring data. There is a crime called "the crime of destroying computer information systems", which is specifically to punish such crimes.

5. Check if your pollution control facilities are operating normally.

6. Check if your household's hazardous waste has been disposed of according to law. Check whether there are illegal discharges, dumping, disposal of dangerous materials, or provide or entrust them to collect, store, utilize, and dispose of hazardous wastes to units or individuals that do not have business licenses or exceed the scope of business licenses.

7. Check your family for emergency plans for sudden environmental incidents! Have a plan for filing? Is there a record for the drill?

8. Check if your family has completed the annual sewage declaration work on time.

9. Check if your family has submitted environmental statistics.

Environmental statistics information refers to measurement information that can provide a rough description of environmental resources and environmental quality, environmental management and control capabilities according to certain index systems and calculation methods. Environmental statistics cover environmental quality, environmental pollution and its prevention, ecological protection, nuclear and radiation safety, environmental management, and other environmental protection issues. The types of environmental statistics include censuses and special surveys, regular surveys and irregular surveys. Regular surveys include statistical annual reports, semi-annual reports, quarterly reports and monthly reports.

This is not a joke, not only to report, but also to report truthfully. Do you know the credit evaluation? Once on the blacklist, bids, loans... are all gone, don't blame me for not telling you.

10. Check if your family has a late discharge tax, no payment, or no payment.

Since January 1, 2018, China’s first “green tax law” – the “Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China” has been implemented. The four types of pollutants, air pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise, have been collected by the environmental protection department in the past. The sewage charges are now changed to the environmental tax by the tax authorities.

11. Check if your family has published environmental information.

The Measures for the Disclosure of Environmental Information of Enterprises and Institutions came into effect on January 1, 2015. If the environmental information is not disclosed or is not disclosed in accordance with the prescribed content, the disclosure is not standardized, the time is not timely, and the content is not true, the environmental protection department has done a good job in investigation and evidence collection, filing and penalizing, etc., and it is necessary to crack down on the key pollutant discharge units to disclose environmental information according to law. Behavior, I don’t know if your family will be the first bird. Also, the public is staring at you.

If your family is a listed company, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Environmental Protection signed the "Cooperation Agreement on Jointly Developing Environmental Information Disclosure of Listed Companies" on June 12, which will improve the environmental information disclosure system of listed companies and urge listed companies to fulfill their obligations. To implement environmental responsibility, I suggest you also know about it.

12. Finally, check if your family has an environmental management system, and no specific person is responsible.

Enterprises shall form a systematic management system according to relevant national laws and regulations and the characteristics of their own production and management, adopt scientific and effective management methods or management techniques, and effectively control the environmental damage and environmental pollution problems that may be caused by corporate activities. To achieve environmental protection purposes. Otherwise, your boss is the first to happen!