Many Regenerative Lead Refineries Stopped Working At The End Of July, And The Used Battery Market Is Not Optimistic. If The Price Is Right, Sell It Quickly

- Aug 09, 2018-

Many regenerative lead refineries stopped working at the end of July, and the used battery market is not optimistic. If the price is right, sell it quickly!


Since the end of May, the used battery market has suffered many blows. During the environmental protection and rectification period, the waste battery recycling plants in almost all regions of the country have been the focus of environmental protection. A large number of illegal recycling factories or workshops have been closed down and shut down. The recycler is unemployed! Many areas are facing the dilemma of no recycling.

At present, the profits of many regenerative lead smelting enterprises are extremely low. The current profit is around 0-100 yuan/ton. Some small and medium-sized refineries have basically reached a state of loss. Coupled with the recent high temperature and high temperature, many regenerative lead refineries are motivated to start construction. A blow to the refinery, the workers have been suspended for one month since the end of July.

According to the research conducted by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Co., due to the high smelting losses of raw materials, the original regenerative lead refineries in Hunan and Yunnan have basically stopped working at the end of July. In Guizhou, the regenerative lead refinery reduced production to half-yield, and the supply of regenerative refined lead was reduced from about 800 tons/day in the early period (late June to early July) to around 400 tons/day. In Henan and Hebei provinces, except for the scale of refineries maintaining normal production, the current production in refineries is reduced by 40-50%. The daily output of regenerated lead in Hebei is about 400 tons/day lower than that in early July. It is expected that the profit of recycled lead smelting will not increase significantly in the short term. The supply of recycled lead will remain at the current level in August, which is lower than that in July.

In addition, the draft for the comprehensive action plan for the comprehensive management of air pollution in the autumn and winter of 2018-2019 in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the surrounding areas was released in the past few days. The prevention and control of air pollution in autumn and winter is wider than the scope of supervision last year. The remediation efforts will be even greater, and some lead-smelting enterprises are likely to face the crisis of limiting production or even stopping production.

Although the price of lead has increased in the past two days, according to industry analysts, the overall trend is still low. It is recommended that you come to the right price when you meet the right price!