Never Change The Start And Stop Battery At Will, It Is Easy To Accident

- Oct 07, 2018-

Never change the start and stop battery at will, it is easy to accident!


Among the Jeep models, the guide and Free Light are the two best-selling models. Among them, the free light as a medium-sized SUV has won the trust of many consumers by virtue of the "JEEP" gold sign.

Free light This SUV has recently encountered a number of owners who have experienced automatic start-stop failure. I believe that the owner who bought this car and encountered this problem, the solution given by 4S shop is: fully charge the battery. . So what is the cause of the automatic start and stop failure?

Let's first understand the structure of automatic start and stop:

The automatic start-stop system mainly includes an enhanced starter equipped with AGM battery, SISS in-cylinder direct injection ignition start engine, BSG power generation starter and ISG integrated motor/generator.

The most widely used start-stop system at this stage is to work with AGM batteries (enhanced batteries) and enhanced starters. This method does not require much modification to the vehicle. It only needs to add some position and temperature sensors, and the number of engine starts increases, which increases the durability of the starter and increases the load carrying capacity of the battery to high current.

Most of these start-stop systems use a split-combined starter, that is, each time the starter gear is started, the flywheel combination is required to increase the working pressure of the starter, so that the engine speed must be reduced to zero when starting (the starter of the partial start-stop system is often used). The combination of engine speed does not need to fall to zero, the engine can be started at any speed). Therefore, the starter needs to enhance its durability. The use of permanent magnet types, enhanced forks, increased number and size of brushes, and enhanced gears allow the starter to experience high-intensity work. Therefore, a vehicle equipped with such a start-stop system has a starter that is more durable than a conventional starter and has a service life of up to 300,000 times.

In addition to the sensor problem, the most common fault in automatic start-stop failure is due to the battery.

The automatic start and stop on the free light will show the charging word on the meter when it is not available, then the battery needs voltage or capacity to reach a certain critical point to take effect, and this critical point is very high. This causes the automatic start and stop to take effect if the battery voltage or capacity cannot reach the critical point.

Then someone will ask, can you replace different types of batteries?

As mentioned above, the most important part of the start-stop system is the battery. The current start-stop battery generally uses AGM/EFB batteries. If it is an ordinary lead-acid battery, it cannot meet the requirements for starting and stopping. Therefore, if you want to replace it, it is recommended to replace the battery that is also suitable for automatic start and stop. Although the AGM/EFB start-stop battery is several times more expensive than the ordinary battery, if the important parts of the car are replaced at will, the consequences of driving safety are unimaginable...