Should The Battery For The Car Be Replaced In A Few Years Do You Give A Warranty What Kind Of Battery Is It For

- Nov 27, 2018-

Should the battery for the car be replaced in a few years? Do you give a warranty? What kind of battery is it for?


Previously, some netizens raised a series of questions. His car was a Corolla for almost three years. During the warranty period, I told me that the battery should be replaced. I want to ask if the battery is changed in three years. If you change, what brand of battery life is longer? Do you give free replacement during the warranty period?

Knowing that the experts in the previous industry gave his advice, you can refer to it.

1, first explain that the battery is not fixed replacement years. It is not used well, it is also a year and two years. Well used, it is also three years and five years. The key is to see how you usually drive. Use less electricity in the flameout state, less short-distance driving, stop driving for a long time, turn off the air-conditioning headlights before ignition, so that the battery will be more durable.

2, three years car really should check the battery, and many people at this stage easily encounter the battery voltage drop ignition instability. But it is not a non-replacement. If the voltage is stable and the ignition is smooth, it will be fine. There are also many cases in which the battery is still very healthy in four or five years. In short, go to the 4S shop to check and judge.

3, Corolla I remember correctly is the three-year 100,000 km vehicle warranty, your car is still in the warranty period. However, the battery does not belong to the scope of the whole vehicle warranty, no matter what brand of car, the battery is not considered in the whole vehicle warranty. Even if your battery is broken now, you can't replace it for free. The warranty of the battery should be different. The other people don’t know. FAW Toyota should be guaranteed for 2 years. It is specially checked. If the battery is broken for the first year, it will be completely free of charge. If it is bad in the second year. Then, you have to bear 50% of the cost. After all, if you use it improperly, it is easy to waste the battery.

4. If your battery really should be changed, what brand should you change? My answer is the original battery. For other brands, the original sails, Valta, etc., you can check the model to buy from the official channel of the battery manufacturer, and FAW Toyota's original car is a custom pure battery, this is only FAW Toyota The official channel only has sales, which brings three benefits. The first is that the channel is single, don't worry about buying fakes, the second is dedicated to the car, the matching with the car is definitely better than other brands, reserved installation There will be no deviations in the position. When driving, there will be less vibration and displacement under bumps. It is also a kind of protection for the battery. The third is more important. It is guaranteed after sale. You can also enjoy the 2-year warranty mentioned above.

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