Solar GEL Battery Low Cost And Light Weight, High Conversion Efficiency

- Aug 18, 2017-

When we buy Solar GEL Battery, the focus is on the power of Solar GEL Battery, in general, the solar panel power is proportional to the area of solar chips. The area of the solar cell chip is not exactly the same as the area of the solar package panel, because some solar panels, although large, single solar wafer arrangement gap is wide, so that the solar panel power is not necessarily high.

In general, the solar panel power is the bigger the better, so that the current generated in the sun, and soon its built-in battery is full. But in reality, the need for solar panel power and solar charger to find a balance in the portability. It is generally believed that the minimum power of the solar charger can not be less than 0.75w, and the secondary power solar panel produces 140mA of current under standard light. In the general sunlight generated by the current at 100mA or so, if less than the secondary power charging current is too small, basically no obvious effect.

Status of solar cell industry

The Solar GEL Battery can be divided into crystalline and non-crystalline films (hereinafter referred to as a-) in the crystalline state, and the former is divided into single crystal and polycrystalline.

(A-Si: H, a-Si: H: F, a-SixGel-x: A-Si: H, F, a-SixGel-x), and the compound semiconductor film is formed into a silicon film, H, etc.), IIIV (GaAs, InP, etc.), Group IIVI (Cds) and zinc phosphide (Zn3p2).

Solar GEL Battery according to the different materials used, Solar GEL Battery can be divided into: silicon Solar GEL Battery, multi-compound thin film Solar GEL Battery, polymer multilayer modified electrode Solar GEL Battery, nanocrystalline Solar GEL Battery, organic Solar GEL Battery, which silicon Solar GEL Battery is currently The development of the most mature, in the application of the dominant position.

(1) silicon Solar GEL Battery

 Silicon Solar GEL Battery are divided into monocrystalline silicon Solar GEL Battery, polycrystalline silicon thin film Solar GEL Battery and amorphous silicon thin film Solar GEL Battery three.

 Monocrystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency is highest, the technology is also the most mature. The highest conversion efficiency in the laboratory is 23%, and the efficiency of the scale is 15%. In the large-scale application and industrial production still dominate, but because of the high price of monocrystalline silicon, a substantial reduction in its cost is very difficult, in order to save silicon material, the development of polysilicon film and amorphous silicon thin film as monocrystalline silicon solar energy Battery replacement products.

Polycrystalline silicon thin film Solar GEL Battery compared with monocrystalline silicon, low cost, and more efficient than amorphous silicon thin film batteries, the laboratory maximum conversion efficiency of 18%, industrial scale production conversion efficiency of 10%. Therefore, polysilicon thin-film batteries will soon dominate the solar power market.

   Amorphous silicon thin film Solar GEL Battery cost low weight, high conversion efficiency, easy to large-scale production, great potential. But by its material caused by the photoelectric efficiency of the recession effect, stability is not high, a direct impact on its practical application. If you can further solve the stability problem and improve the conversion rate, then, amorphous silicon Solar GEL Battery is undoubtedly one of the main development of Solar GEL Battery.