The 2 Biggest Killers Of Electric Car Battery Life! Be Careful

- Jul 28, 2018-

The 2 biggest killers of electric car battery life! Be careful!


There are many users who report

The battery is not as good as it used to be.

The previous battery basically ran for 3 years.

No problem

What's more, some batteries can be used for ten years.

It’s good to use the battery for 2 years now.

Now technology is more and more developed

Why is the battery used soon?

In fact, many people will be the same mistakes, but this is the two factors that affect the battery life of electric vehicles!

First, inferior charger, mix and charge!

Electric vehicle battery models are not the same, the charger is naturally different, can not be universal, the correct way is special car charger, but some electric vehicle users are in the process of use, will often mix and use, even take 60V charger 48V battery, 20AH charger charged 12AH battery, charging voltage and current do not match, will cause damage to the battery.

In addition, the inferior charger is a kind of "slow suicide" on the battery, because the inferior charger will cause the battery to be undercharged or overcharged, which will cause the battery to die prematurely.

Second, the wrong charging method seriously damages the battery!

Many people wait until the battery is not charged at all. This is very damaging to the battery! In fact, the number of times the battery is fully discharged is limited. If a large amount of discharge, it directly affects the battery life. If the battery power supply capacity is insufficient for a long time and the invalid single block cannot be found effectively, the entire battery pack will be scrapped.

In addition, the charging should also pay attention to the electric vehicle charging method is very simple, each charge is as full as possible, but do not charge for too long, generally float after the flash can be charged, floating in winter 4 hours, summer floating 2 hours; should not be avoided, Do not charge for a long time to avoid danger. If you usually find that there is no electricity on the road, you can find a way to charge and run again, as far as possible to avoid losing electricity.

No matter how good the battery is, if you don't pay attention properly, it will be the same in the end! If you want the battery to be more durable, be sure to pay attention to these points. Don't let these two killers take the life of your battery!