The Battery Has Broken In The New Car For 2 Years. Just Remember These 3 Points And The Battery Should Be Used For At Least 6 Years!

- Feb 21, 2019-

The battery has broken in the new car for 2 years. Just remember these 3 points and the battery should be used for at least 6 years!


The battery is a very important thing in the car. Whether it is when the car is started or in normal driving, the car battery is needed. Once the car battery has a problem, then our car can not be used normally. Although the car battery has its service life, if it is not noticed during the usual use, it may cause the battery to break prematurely.

A few days ago, my friend's car suddenly couldn't be hit. He suspected that it was a battery problem, so he asked me to pick him up. After the car started, he drove out and turned the battery for a while. After about half an hour, I couldn’t turn it off. He went to the repair shop and checked that it was the car battery that was broken. My friend is very puzzled. How can the battery be broken after 2 years of new car purchase? So he asked the car repairer what the reason is, the car repair master told him that the general battery was scrapped in advance, they did not pay attention to the following three points when driving, and then the old driver of the car came to tell everyone.

1.      Continue to use the car's electrical appliances after the flameout. Some people feel bored when parking and others, so they will watch movies and listen to music in the middle of the car, or continue to use air conditioners after charging off, and charge the phone with a car charger. After the flameout, the car generator has not generated electricity, and the use of the car's electrical appliances will cause damage to the car battery.

2.      Forget to turn off the headlights after getting off the bus. Although many cars nowadays, the car's power supply will be automatically cut off after the car is locked, but some old models do not have this function. A few days ago, after I got out of the car, the position light didn't turn off. As a result, after 2 days, the battery was directly depleted. I couldn't help my friend to pick up the power. Some cars also have a driving recorder that can be used for parking and recording, which also makes it easy to lose power.

3.      the car does not open for a few months. Now many rural friends go out to work after buying a car, so the car is placed at home for a few months or even a year, and some friends will drive the car twice a month. In this case, we are better. Remove the negative pole of the battery, otherwise it may cause the battery to lose power. The car repairman said that the battery often loses power and overload, it will reduce the service life of the car battery, but as long as you pay attention to these 3 points, the car battery is no problem for 5 or 6 years.