The Profit Of The Dealer Is Not At The Manufacturer, Nor At The Consumer, But At

- Sep 13, 2018-

The profit of the dealer is not at the manufacturer, nor at the consumer, but at...


Looking for lost profits!

Why do the current battery dealers work hard all year round, and at the end of the day, they are still busy with the "bamboo baskets?" Where is the profit of the dealer going?

There are still more than two months left in 2016. It is time for the dealers to review it carefully, carefully calculate the account, and come to a comprehensive inventory. You must dig deeper to see if you are losing money!

Overall, the dealer failed to earn a reasonable profit after a year of hard work, mainly for the following four reasons:

1. Lack of management knowledge and damage to income

Marketing experts say that it is necessary to benefit from management. Market management, personnel management, product management, financial management, inventory management, price management, vehicle management, etc. can all generate revenue, and many dealers often ignore this one. For example, in the case of loan management, the collection of the collection will not be collected, and the interest loss of the payment may be lost after the profit is offset; the price management of the product is chaotic, resulting in the lower the price, the more the profit is lost; the management of the personnel is not good, causing people to be overstaffed; Expenditure is not accounted for, and spending at the end of the day is more than income. Did not do business management well, what is the benefit?

Tip: Dealer management knowledge, conduct some management training, please ask some professional managers, this is a must. Don't take everything on your own. You should focus all your energy on what you do best, and some trivial work can be decentralized.

2. Limited marketing level and excessive investment

For example, if you want to carry out product promotion, you can only invest up to 10 yuan at most, but you don’t know how to vote 30 yuan. If you should not wait for promotion, you should wait for a big price cut; don’t know to develop new ones. The market, however, would rather struggle in a place where competition is fierce.

Although the dealers are flexible in operation, the routines are often lacking. Solving the problem is more about "making a brain for decision making." Even considering the problem, it is one-sided.

Tip: In fact, dealers can often let manufacturers assist in propaganda, manufacturers will have more rigorous plans for publicity, usually can spend money to reduce the waste. Dealers can also learn and understand some advanced experiences from the cooperative manufacturers.

3, the product system is complicated and affects income

Without a reasonable product system, there would be no profit structure system. Dealers are looking for new products every year. Even if they find a good product, they may not be able to coordinate with the original product. If there are several brand products on hand, but one does not make money; blindly to promote conventional products, but there is no high-profit new products. Can such a dealer make money?

Tip: The product is important and the product structure is more important. Many times, dealers selling certain products may not make money at all, but what is it? Of course, it is to drive other high-margin products. Therefore, to form a gold-matched product system, that is the top priority.

4. There is no reasonable inventory risk management

Phenomenon: Ask how many dealers will manage their inventory in a refined way? For example, the dealer will purchase according to the sales forecast, or according to the manufacturer's promotion policy or high-pressure policy to purchase? How often does the dealer do an inventory of inventory to quickly process bad inventory? How will dealers keep inventory at a reasonable level to reduce capital occupancy and allow limited funds to live to make money? I believe that there are very few dealers who can do this.

Tip: Your profit comes from the number of capital turnovers. How to manage the inventory to make the funds turn is the key.

Where is the profit of the dealer? Not at the manufacturer, not at the consumer, are still in the dealers themselves! However, in order to obtain these profits, dealers must make every effort to manage, and constantly explore the road to profitability.