The Top Ten Taboos For Battery People To Do Business In Partnership! Take A Quick Look

- Oct 10, 2018-

The top ten taboos for battery people to do business in partnership! Take a quick look.


First, always remember: trust is based on real cooperation, and not just relying on feelings can trust others.

Second, the partnership has its advantages and disadvantages, and we should make full use of its advantages to cover up its disadvantages.

Third, afraid of the account of the swallowing of money, the account details, both sides must talk about it, mutual acceptance of supervision is the basis, or when you go to check the account of his management, but it will cause unhappy, bad will be divided in the future Family.

Fourth, talk about the interests, how much do you take him, why he takes less than you, why do you take more than him, you must understand it from the beginning, or it will happen, why do I do more than you do? . Once this kind of emotion is generated, disputes must be formed.

5. Identify job responsibilities and clarify the final decision makers.

Sixth, the shares do not have to be flat, they must be one high and one bottom, otherwise it will happen in the future.

Seven, the ability to go, the mediocrity let.

8. Partnership is the crystallization of wisdom and is consistent with the outside world.

Nine, over-emphasis on past friendships or friendships, not paying attention to communication and exchanges!

Ten, in the end, both sides must have a heart.

Small cooperation should lay down the self and respect each other;

Great cooperation should lay down interests and balance each other.

A lifetime of cooperation must lay down the character and achieve each other.

Just ask for it, don't know how to pay;

Or blindly willing, do not know concessions, in the end will inevitably lose the light.

Growing together is the way to survive.

Work is like this, marriage is like this, friendship is like this, career is also true!