The Trick To Change The Car Battery Is Here

- Jul 06, 2018-

The trick to change the car battery is here!

1, the battery should be used for more than two years to check

The service life of a typical car battery is 2-3 years, and the original battery of a new car can be used for more than 3 years. So if your battery has been in use for almost two years, be aware that its useful life may have expired. At this time, it should be checked a lot, and the test should be done in advance, and the problem should be solved or replaced as soon as possible to avoid the sudden loss of the battery in the process of using the armpit.

2. What should I pay attention to after replacing the battery?

The new battery may be out of power, including the original battery on the new factory, which may not be 100%. Therefore, after replacing a new battery, or after buying a new car, you need to keep the engine running longer to ensure that the battery is fully charged.

3. Does the vehicle not damage the battery for a long time?

Since the battery will self-discharge, if the vehicle is not used for a long time, it may cause the battery to be exhausted, and eventually the vehicle cannot be started or the battery may be damaged.

If the vehicle is not used for a long time, it is best to keep it restarted every 15 days, and let the engine run for about 20 minutes each time to make the battery fully charged again.

These bad car habits can damage the battery

Although the service life of a typical car battery can reach 2-3 years, some car owners may have to replace the battery in advance due to some bad car habits, so we have to make a good car. habit. Here are a few of the more common bad habits:

1, get off the car to turn off the lights or car electrical equipment

It is most common to forget to turn off the headlights after stopping the fire. It also causes many owners to run out of battery power the next day, and the car can't start. However, with the optimization of the automobile products, if the headlights are turned off, there will be an audible indication if the headlights are not turned off, or some vehicles will automatically turn off the headlights within half a minute after the flameout, thus reducing the damage caused by forgetting the headlights to the battery.

But in addition to the headlights, other lights, such as in-car reading lights or other in-vehicle electrical equipment, if forgotten to turn off after a flameout, may cause the battery to lose power and start the car after a night.

In this case, if possible, try charging the battery until you can start the car. Otherwise it may be necessary to replace the battery. Instead of spending a lot of money to replace the battery, it is better to develop good habits.

2. The air conditioner is not turned off before the vehicle is turned off.

Many people, including the author, are not used to turning off the air conditioner before the vehicle is turned off; at the next startup, the air conditioner will turn on at the same time as the car starts. But experts at Valta say that this bad habit is also harmful to the battery.

If the air conditioner is not turned off before the flameout, the air conditioner will automatically start with the start of the engine when the vehicle is started next time. This will cause the instantaneous power of the vehicle to be too high, the battery load to be too large, and the battery to be a loss for many times.

Therefore, before the flameout, we should try to close the electrical equipment that can be turned off in the car, such as air conditioners and radios, so that the next time the vehicle starts, it will not cause the instantaneous load of the battery to be too large, thus protecting the battery.

3, a large number of use of electrical equipment without the car

There was a friend who was tied on the road. During the process of changing the spare tire, his friend was listening to the song while driving in the car. After the spare tires were replaced, it was discovered that the vehicle could not be started. The reason is that the air conditioner and audio-visual equipment in the car consume all the power of the battery. Finally had to call the trailer.

Many people often listen to songs while waiting in the parking lot or on the roadside. However, in order to save oil, the engine is often extinguished. At this time, the audio-visual equipment loses the battery's power. It is likely that the battery will be exhausted and the vehicle will not start.

Since the air conditioning system and the audio-visual system in the car are all electrical appliances that consume a lot of power, if the time is long, it may cause the battery to lose power and not be able to drive the car; even if the time is not long, it is often damaged if the electrical equipment is not used. The battery will eventually cause the battery to be scrapped in advance.

How to replace the battery by yourself?

In fact, battery replacement is not difficult, personally think that female car owners can also easily complete. The tools you need to use include a hex socket and a "one" screwdriver (depending on the model).

The battery is installed in the order of disassembly and disassembly.

When removing the old battery, be sure to follow the order of “removing the negative pole first and then disassembling the positive pole”. Since the body is connected to the negative pole of the battery (the ground end), if the positive pole is removed first, the screwdriver may touch during the disassembly process. When you touch the body, once you touch it, it is equivalent to directly connecting the positive and negative terminals of the battery, which may cause a short circuit to burn the battery. Therefore, it is necessary to “first negative and then positive” when disassembling, but the opposite is true when installing, follow the order of “first positive and negative”.

The battery replacement process is simple

As long as the tools are ready and the relevant precautions are familiar, the battery replacement is actually very simple and does not belong to any physical activity. At present, most of the model batteries are located in the engine compartment (some pure electric vehicles are located in the rear trunk), and some have a protective shell on the outside, and some models are directly exposed outside. Let's take the MG5 as an example to show you how to replace the battery.

1.      Loosen the negative joint nut: Open the two fixed buttons of the insulation cotton. You can see the two black and black insulation covers on the positive and negative joints. You can see the lock nut when you open the insulation cover.

2.      Disassemble the negative joint: use a wrench or a hexagonal sleeve to loosen the fastening nut of the negative electrode, and then slowly open the fastening block with a flat-blade screwdriver, and then pull out the negative joint;

3.      Disassemble the positive joint: disassemble the positive joint in the same way;

4.      Disassemble the locking strap: Unscrew the nut for fixing the locking strap of the battery, loosen the locking strap, and then take out the battery.

When installing a new battery, just follow the reverse steps, but it should be noted that the positive and negative connectors are installed in the order of “first positive and negative”, as opposed to disassembling, and the principle is the same. In order to prevent the danger of short circuit and ensure safety.

The battery is an important part to determine whether the car can start normally, but in fact it is not expensive, and it does not need to be specially maintained. We only need to develop good habits in daily use, pay attention to some small details. It is not complicated to disassemble and replace it yourself. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the need to remove the negative pole and then the positive pole when removing the positive and negative connectors. The opposite is true when installing, to avoid the danger caused by improper operation.