These 37 Repair Shops, Recycled Batteries Are Exposed By TV Stations! Battery Recycling Regulations May Be Stricter

- Aug 28, 2018-

These 37 repair shops, recycled batteries are exposed by TV stations! Battery recycling regulations may be stricter!


In August, #南宁电视问政# The wind supervisors visited 37 electric vehicle repair shops in Jiangnan District, Qingxiu District, Xixiangtang District and Xingning District. There were 12 shops in the wind supervisor who hinted that they used After the battery was unclear, he still expressed his willingness to acquire and took a video.

According to reports, a lead-acid battery, these repair shop recycling offer ranging from 30 to 50 yuan, an electric bicycle generally has 4 batteries, can sell about 200 yuan. The owner of the repair shop said that the used batteries they bought were generally resold to other acquirers or recycling companies.

The wind supervisors learned that there are two ways for these private owners to buy used batteries to deal with used batteries: one is to disassemble the battery to sell lead, this simple and rude approach often leads to certain environmental pollution; the second is to renovate New batteries are sold for high profits. For refurbished batteries, consumers are basically unable to distinguish.

After TV station exposure, the relevant departments may increase supervision over the recycling of used batteries. Before that, many of the recycling companies and the circle sisters reflected that many of the recycling of used batteries has been banned, and many large recycling companies and smelting companies are recycling. High cost, low recycling price! Now I am doing the waste battery business. I really earn the money to sell cabbage, and I am selling my heart!

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