Vrla Lead Acid Battery More And More Attention To Environmental Protection

- Aug 18, 2017-

Although the current production and sales of lithium trolley is only about one-tenth of lead-acid electric vehicles, but the degree of lithium battery competition has been much more than the lead-acid battery. After nearly three or four years of competition, lithium battery market structure is basically formed, the vehicle market is basically five or six lithium battery business control

Compared with Vrla lead acid battery, lithium battery manufacturing (mainly refers to the batteries and pack assembly) due to technical difficulties and high-quality products, its investment to increase 4-5 times as much. Industry experts pointed out that the manufacture of lithium batteries with an annual output of 48v11Ah batteries (18560 cylindrical steel or flexible packaging) and pack 20 million production capacity scale, no 3 million of the money is not playing.

Recently, Vrla lead acid battery rose particularly high, the price of some areas have broken through the history of the highest record, praised for the battery prices at the same time, do not plague the market caused concern dealers. In fact, the most expensive price of electric vehicle parts is the battery. Up to now more than 90% of electric vehicles use Vrla lead acid battery. The lead-acid battery has done a high degree of market monopoly, the two super-Granville and days to the two giants have control of 80% market share. This is a rare phenomenon in the parts of the travel tool. However, in the next few years, this phenomenon will face variables:

Lithium battery costs will be further reduced in the price will be far beyond the Vrla lead acid battery. According to reports, the current capital of China's daily investment in power lithium battery funds up to 500 million yuan last year, invested a year has reached 150 billion yuan of funds, after several years of large-scale investment, lithium battery performance, quality will Further improve the price is further reduced. Although lithium batteries are used for pure electric vehicles, but because of the capital market input blindness, electric car lithium battery overcapacity contradictions in the next few years will gradually break out. As the electric vehicle lithium battery and electric two-wheel lithium battery has a similarity and the same, electric vehicle overcapacity to electric two-wheeler spill will become inevitable. Once the state to reduce or cancel the electric car subsidies, lithium battery industry to the electric two-wheeler industry transfer will become a reality. By that time, the same capacity of lithium batteries may be lower than Vrla lead acid battery.

To be sure, future countries will introduce more regulations or measures to limit the use of Vrla lead acid battery. Vrla lead acid battery in the disposal of waste batteries and many other aspects of the environment is easy to cause pollution, with the country more and more attention to environmental protection, to some extent limit or prohibit the use of lead-acid battery is not an empty talk. Therefore, the use of lithium batteries electric vehicles will also be policy support.

The future of lithium batteries due to low prices, policy support, product cost advantages of a variety of advantages, will grab a large number of lead-acid battery market. There are industry experts predict that policy support and other multi-pronged, the next three to five years, lithium trams will gradually replace the lead-acid electric car market share!