What Is The Difference Between Electric Car Battery 72v32AH And 96v20AH

- Dec 20, 2018-

What is the difference between electric car battery 72v32AH and 96v20AH?


Strictly speaking, the difference between 72V32AH and 96V20AH, 72V32AH, describes a battery rated voltage is 72 volts, the rated discharge current is 32 amps and the capacity of the battery, the same is true for 96V20AH.

1. For a battery, the voltage is very important. For example, the voltage of the motor and controller generally works under the rated voltage of the battery. If the voltage of the battery is too high, the motor or controller may be directly burned directly. If the battery voltage is too low, the motor will work below the rated speed and the car speed will not run because the voltage determines the maximum speed of the car.

2. The higher the voltage, the higher the efficiency of the system. If the voltage is high under the same capacity, it means that the current will decrease under the same power. According to Joule's law, the current thermal effect depends on the product of the square of the current and the resistance. Will be reduced, so theoretically the higher the car voltage, in theory, the car can run farther.

However, if the voltage is not limited to increase, it will bring great safety problems to the human body. The insulation of the circuit, plug and other devices of the car is a problem. The DC national safety voltage standard is about 120 volts. From this point of view, the 96-volt car will be stronger than the 72-volt.

3, many electric vehicles overspeed modification, often overpressure modification, high voltage car will run fast, so 96 volt electric car, under normal circumstances, may be faster than 92 volts.

4, AH is the meaning of Anshi, 20AH, equivalent to 20 amps can discharge for one hour; and 32AH, equivalent to 32 amps can continue to discharge for one hour, if only consider the current, 32AH will be much stronger.

5, in fact, to consider from the capacity, 72v32AH = 72 * 32 watt hours = 2304 watt hours; 96v20AH = 96 * 20 watt hours = 1920 watt hours, it is obvious that 2304 is greater than 1920, about 20% larger, that is to say If you do not consider thermal efficiency and other issues, the battery capacity of 72v32AH will be 20% higher than that of 96v20AH, so the 72v32AH electric car should be stronger.