What Is The Difference In Income Between Domestic Auto Repair Workers And Foreign Auto Repair Workers

- Oct 14, 2018-

What is the difference in income between domestic auto repair workers and foreign auto repair workers


For a steam mechanic, what is the difference between domestic and foreign? They all take 3,000 yuan, but others take the euro, and we earn the yuan.

Why is it so different? There are several main reasons.

Education is different

It is not an exaggeration to say that under the influence of the grading, the service groups in the domestic automotive field have a hard time to hide.

In Europe, 15-year-old junior high school graduates face two choices, like the ones after high school, and the vocational ones.

But it must be stated that in Europe, vocational colleges and specialists and even universities are not graded. In China, if you directly choose a vocational college after high school, it will cause parents to blame. In the eyes of most parents, only college is the only way out. Reading a vocational school is a shameful thing.

Students who graduated from vocational colleges in Europe have sufficient choices for career planning. In terms of treatment, such as the BMW factory in Europe, first-line equipment workers, the monthly salary is about 3,000 euros, and the after-tax salary is about 2000 euros. 2,000 euros can actually live very well in Munich, so it takes only half a year to buy a BMW 1200GS motorcycle.

Practicing threshold

The minimum requirement for a repairman in Germany is to study at a vocational college for three years, then two years of internship, to pass Mechaniker, and then to work continuously, continue to study, and then to Mechatroniker, Meister, Techniker, this process takes a long time, thus leading practitioners Shortage, but high quality. In China, many times there is no systematic training, and even a change of oil is called a master.

Respect for knowledge, domestic knowledge is also very respectful, but the Chinese can not understand the knowledge reserve of a garage. In Germany, most people know that a Techiker has at least one master's degree in knowledge, so it will also give the auto repair master the corresponding respect, and the salary will not be low.

Chinese people do not understand the auto repair industry

In Europe, if the car is out of order, the car repairer is quickly repaired, they will feel that the master is really amazing, so repaired so soon, save me a lot of time, give you a tip!

The country is different. If the car is out of order, after the repair shop, the master will solve it if the boy is three or two. The owner will feel that I have to check it myself. It is so simple, there is no replacement, should I not have money? Many times, I really don't know how to answer it.

European cars are broken, they go to repair, they will trust the maintenance master because they know that these people are professional. Domestically, the car is not as good as it used to be, and the face will accuse the master. You can't change the battery, and you can change it for free.

Another point to be said is that we always complain that domestic car repair is very expensive. In fact, in Germany, simply check and deal with some problems, it will cost 60 euros!

The above total is the reason for the huge gap in the income of domestic and foreign auto mechanics. In essence, serious unequal treatment and income levels have led to the loss of a large number of basic industry workers. Looking at the whole country, the big talents under the exam-oriented education have lost their ability and interest in hands-on practice. In the long run, the structure of the basic service industry will be seriously out of balance.