When The Electric Car Battery Is Used, It Will Drop 2 Squares. Be Sure To Pay Attention To These Points

- Jan 11, 2019-

When the electric car battery is used, it will drop 2 squares. Be sure to pay attention to these points!


As the temperature drops, the electric vehicle consumes more electricity. So in the winter, how to maintain the battery of the electric car, how to charge to play the maximum effect of the battery, and maximize the service life of the battery?


How long does it take to charge the battery in winter?


The number of times of charge and discharge of lead-acid batteries is 300-400 times. Therefore, once the battery is fully charged, a charge and discharge cycle is used. Therefore, do not charge or discharge frequently. Charge the battery when it is about 30% of the charge. This can slow down. Attenuation of battery capacity.


What kind of driving habits should the rider maintain in winter?


Try to avoid sudden acceleration or sudden braking during the riding process. If you are going uphill, on the bridge, going upwind or overweight, you must have an ankle boost, and you should not overload or continue to drive if the battery is running out of power. .


What kind of charging posture should the electric car maintain in winter?


In the winter, when charging the electric vehicle, the electric vehicle should be kept in an upright state as much as possible, and the outdoor charging should be reduced as much as possible. Because the outdoor temperature is cold in winter, it should be placed for a while before charging the battery, and the surface temperature of the battery rises to near room temperature. And fully dry before charging.


What should I do when the battery is idle during the winter?


The battery is especially afraid of loss of electricity and discharge. If the battery is depleted for 3-7 days, it is likely to be damaged. Therefore, the battery should be charged as soon as possible after use. For batteries that are not used for a long time, the battery should be charged once every other period to compensate for the loss of self-discharge when the battery is stored.


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