Why Do You Lose 2 Grids When The Electric Car Accelerates? The Maintenance Master Said That He Had A Leak And Finally Got An Answer

- Oct 23, 2018-

Why do you lose 2 grids when the electric car accelerates? The maintenance master said that he had a leak and finally got an answer.

The current family is already in very good condition, and many people already have their own cars, so the electric cars need not be said. Almost every household has an electric car, and the charging is very fast. The key is still There is no limit, but there is a problem. I think everyone wants to know very much. Why is the electric car losing two grids when it accelerates? This is a question that many people are very concerned about. Today, Xiaobian told everyone that the maintenance master said that it was leaking. This reason finally has an answer.

In the past few years, the batteries of electric vehicles were made of cadmium-containing hydrochloric acid batteries, and each element not only increased the conductivity, but also reduced the internal resistance of the battery, which was used to improve the battery mileage, but with the society. The progress, and the gradual introduction of environmental policies, so the current battery is also very environmentally friendly, the battery must be cadmium-free. Then if this cadmium-free is carried out, it will have an impact on the performance of the battery, and the impact is very large, especially the initial voltage of the battery will become very low, so it will become what we just said. In that case, the phenomenon of two electric powers dropped when accelerating, obviously the battery is already full of electricity, but as soon as the acceleration starts, it will obviously lose two electric power.

There are also some cases where some people are not rushing when they are fully charged, but they are placed in the garage for two or three days before they start again. In the case, the longer the battery is placed, the more natural the battery will be discharged, so the next time you use the car, you will find that there is very little electricity left in the battery.

Also, because the line inside the electric car is damp, the resistance inside the electric car will become very large, so if it is a bicycle at this time, the battery will be very powerful. The last one is that there are some problems in the small-scale battery. If one of them is broken, then when you ride the electric car, you will drop two grids directly, and if the battery is broken, the voltage of the battery will be There will be instability, and power will be lost when accelerating, so battery power is actually composed of these reasons, so don’t overwhelm when charging the tram, don’t rush too often. Will reduce the battery life.