AGM Battery With excellent cycle performance, charge receiving capacity

- Aug 18, 2017-

Let's get back to the start and stop system How it works: When the driver stops and picks up, such as when a red light or a traffic jam occurs, the start and stop system shuts down the engine to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. At this point, the battery is the car all the electrical equipment (air conditioning, radio and satellite navigation system) the only source of energy; when the driver release the brake pedal, the engine will start again, advanced start and stop system and regenerative braking system, Energy management system work together. Therefore, only a more powerful battery, starter, generators to ensure the efficient operation of the start and stop system.

Specifically, the start and stop system requires a more powerful battery to provide sufficient power to provide electrical equipment to the car at idle, to support more frequent start, cycle and deep discharge, as well as part of the charge to run and dynamic charging capacity The And these requirements are not reached the ordinary battery. According to the results of the authority test, the ordinary battery will be assembled to the car with the start and stop function, the use of a week after the battery capacity will lose 7% to 16%. Only AGM Battery have excellent cycle performance, charge receiving capacity, low charge in the state of the ability to work, is the best choice for start and stop system.

Therefore, with the start and stop the system of popularization and development, AGM battery demand is also rapidly improving. It is expected that by 2020, the world will have 49 million vehicles starting and ending every year. As the world's leading automotive battery brand, Johnson Controls Walter brand from Germany, with more than 15 years of mature AGM product experience, is now the most advanced AGM technology and products into China, serving China's domestic car manufacturers and consumption By. The Warner AGM battery with Johnson's proprietary PoweFrame® Viclatt TM grid technology has more than three times the cycle life of a conventional battery to meet the needs of all high-end start-ups and fully absorbs the brake energy recovery system Of its 100% anti-leakage and 360-degree anti-spill characteristics of the loss of active substances effectively reduced to a minimum, is used for advanced start-stop system, the latest automotive OE technology.