Vrla lead acid battery Improve service life

- Aug 18, 2017-

Vrla lead acid battery used to a certain time when the need for maintenance and maintenance, then in the process, how should we repair the Vrla lead acid battery? The correct repair method can not only improve the quality of the battery, but also improve the battery life The The specific repair method is as follows.

1. reassignment group:

After the whole group of battery damage ring, we often charge and discharge it, in the inspection will often find a group of 50% of the battery is not damaged, the reason is that in the serial battery pack, the individual battery behind The formation of the entire group of battery function decline, so that the whole group of battery function decline.

2. replenishment:

The use of a 4-month lead-acid battery for a replenishment, you can extend the battery life, extend the average time to reach more than 3 months, it should be noted that, after each replenishment, the battery is used in the overcharge state of the battery From the "quasi-poor liquid" to "poor liquid" state, and this overcharge to improve lead-acid battery capacity is good.

3. Elimination of vulcanization:

The use of lead-acid battery repair equipment, the battery to eliminate the vulcanization treatment.

4. Particle generator:

Take the particle generator in parallel with the battery, the battery repair. This method is also better for lead-acid battery repair, but because the repair is more thorough, so if there is no over-discharge, for continuous use of electric vehicle Vrla lead acid battery, it is often completely eliminate the possibility of battery curing.

Lead-acid battery repair process, first of all we need to know where it is the cause of the problem, each fault corresponding to the solution will be different, then we need to find the right solution to deal with the above to share the content Hope to help you in the future maintenance of learning to troubleshoot, and find the right maintenance methods.