Automotive Battery Durability escort

- Aug 18, 2017-

Automotive Battery is the car's power, mainly used to start the car to the starter and the power supply equipment, are starting-type Automotive Battery. At present, the car is basically used in lead-acid batteries, that is, the use of dilute sulfuric acid as the electrolyte, the electrode to participate in the electrochemical reaction of the active material for lead dioxide and lead.

In order to meet the needs of start-up and electrical equipment, the replacement of new batteries, the new Automotive Battery capacity and rating must not be lower than the original Automotive Battery, and the size of the Automotive Battery replacement must also be appropriate to install.

Automotive lead-acid Automotive Battery models are in accordance with certain standards to name, in the domestic market using the Automotive Battery model is mainly in accordance with national standards and Japanese standards, the German standard and the US standard named.

Automotive Battery as a new energy vehicle power source, in addition to cathode materials, anode materials, diaphragms, electrolytes and other raw materials affect the performance of its Automotive Battery, the new energy vehicles in the process of temperature changes, vibration, moisture, etc. will change the Automotive Battery performance, and then Affect their endurance. Scientists have made a lot of research on the use of silicone in new energy vehicles. Dow Corning, as the leader in the silicone industry, has proposed a farther material solution for new energy vehicles.

Lithium Automotive Battery electrolyte in the carbonate has a high melting point, generally when the temperature is lower than -20 ℃, the Automotive Battery can not work; when the temperature is too high, the Automotive Battery separator will melt caused by short circuit caused by Automotive Battery fire and other security issues. Only to maintain the appropriate temperature, the Automotive Battery can achieve its best performance. Dow Corning custom silicone materials can effectively heat the Automotive Battery pack and batteries to improve the Automotive Battery operating temperature. At the same time, the disposable silicone can form a thermal shield around the Automotive Battery cell in the Automotive Battery pack, and the Automotive Battery can still be operated efficiently when the environment is too cold or overheated.

New energy vehicles in the daily use of the process, the moisture will cause the Automotive Battery in the decomposition of lithium hexafluorophosphate produce HF, vibration may cause the ear and other cracks, the Automotive Battery short circuit, these most common factors may affect the Automotive Battery life. In this regard, Dow Corning provides a "Automotive Battery pack exclusive custom" silicone solution, for the durability of the Automotive Battery escort.

Another challenge for electric vehicle batteries is short circuit and overcurrent, and the insulation of silicone materials is right to deal with this problem. The use of silicone in the Automotive Battery, can well protect the internal key electronic devices, batteries and bus, and thus avoid the risk of surge and Automotive Battery fire.