In winter the battery has a low battery life With these 3 strokes the battery will be more durable

- Dec 20, 2018-

In winter, the battery has a low battery life. With these 3 strokes, the battery will be more durable!


The temperature is getting colder and the problem of electric vehicles is becoming more and more prominent. When many consumers purchase electric vehicles, they only choose from the appearance and brand, and lack the knowledge of electric vehicles. Especially when faced with many brands, the choice of battery is even more difficult.

In the cold winter, electric vehicles generally use lead-acid batteries as the power source, and the energy and temperature stored in lead-acid batteries are directly proportional. Therefore, when the temperature drops, the stored capacity of the battery will also drop. When the temperature is above 25 °C, the battery can be used normally. When the temperature is lower than 25 °C, the mileage will be relatively short.

Are you still confused about the electric car battery in winter?

Better for it,

The battery is naturally better!

Buying a battery

Many female consumers are prone to misunderstanding when purchasing electric vehicles. People are more likely to be confused by the appearance of electric vehicles, rather than considering the technical content.

On the battery side, we must first consider the mileage problem. The sales staff of the store said: Within 30 kilometers, the 48V12AH battery is basically enough, 70 kilometers is best 48V20AH battery, 100 kilometers is 48V35AH. In addition, the battery consumption in winter is relatively fast. When purchasing, you should try to buy a durable battery.

One day is the most suitable

Maintenance personnel said that the warranty period of the battery is only one year, and the normal life of the battery is about one and a half years. More than a year and a half will have to pay for the replacement battery. At present, many consumers who come to repair batteries have not used the battery for a long time, and various problems have arisen. Maintenance personnel remind consumers that in order to extend the battery life, we must pay attention to protect the battery.

Secondly, remember not to be greedy, use chargers from different manufacturers, and use the original charger is more secure. During the charging process, after the green light of the charger is on, it does not mean that the charging can be stopped immediately. In order to accumulate the electricity, it is better to continue to float. Especially in winter, maintaining the float for two hours can prolong the battery life.

Don't take an electric car as a motorcycle

Mr. Zhang, who came to repair electric vehicles, was very confused. Usually, battery charging is very important, but the battery still has problems, and even there is a situation of power failure.

After inspection and inquiry, the maintenance personnel found that Mr. Zhang’s character was more irritable. Usually, the electric car was often used as a motorcycle, and the speed was suddenly increased. The maintenance personnel reminded him: "Many accidents are caused by the electric car driving too fast. During driving, it is best to drive the electric car battery at a constant speed.

In particular, the new battery can travel for about 60 kilometers at a speed of no more than 15 km/h. If it is at a speed of 25 km/h, it can only travel for about 45 km. In addition, the worst situation of sudden speed increase is that the switch contacts of the key switch may be burned, so that the electric car cannot be started, and it stops on the way, and it is worth the loss.

These common senses that need attention in winter,

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