The battery business is really bad, all kinds of sadness only knows

- Oct 07, 2018-

The battery business is really bad, all kinds of sadness only knows!


Nowadays more and more people are riding electric cars or driving, which is inseparable from the battery, but the battery will have various problems. Especially after the battery is not allowed to add cadmium, the battery life is greatly reduced, but some people do not understand, so the battery business is not good, not only tired, but also has no time to accompany the family, always misunderstood by the customer... business is difficult Do, if you are not in this line, you don't know how much this line is bitter.

First, dirty, bitter, tired, too guilty. Repairing batteries, motors... Sometimes, the hands, body, and face are oily, etc., where it is not strong, squatting, squatting, lying down, doing things like "big cat", wife dislikes clothes oil The trace is difficult to wash, the child dislikes you dirty, the friend suspects that you are shameful, one reaches out, the handprints, the fingernails often have oil marks, some can not wash, and after a long time, they grow into the meat. I am tired for a day, returning home with a tired body, and I don’t want to move at any time, but no matter when you call to buy a battery or repair a battery, it is full of "vigor", not because you want to do it, it is a big competition, you have to make money. Supporting the family, so we must work hard, we must do it, and more often it is helpless!

Second, because of the battery business, accompanying the wife and children, spending less time with their parents. Do battery business, holiday, endless year, when the New Year is not open, every day is like "staying in the cell", accompanied by a group of batteries and maintenance tools, accompanying me is one customer after another, ignore It’s for the companionship of the family. Once, my daughter said: Dad, you only have a battery in your heart, and there is no time with me. Do you not hurt me? Other classmates go to travel during the holidays, but I once No... I’m sour in my heart, think about how many people owe them, and spend less time with them.

Third, give the acquaintance the cost price but do not appreciate it, behind the scenes that you earned his money. Especially the acquaintance, you give him the cost price to change the tires, change the battery, change the controller, even if a penny does not earn him, he will think that you earned his money and said that it is cheaper than this, they do not know that you give acquaintances It is a good product with high quality, and others are cheap. I hope that you will not only look at the price, but also look at the quality at the same time, because the skilled person gives you the best, and you don’t appreciate it. Fourth, I said that there is only money in the eyes. Whoever earns money is more expensive than other places, and has not saved money! It is better to change the battery elsewhere! Please don't talk about them seeing money, sometimes you will have to repair your electric car battery for half a day, only cost, busy for a long time, or even lose money, since they are acquaintances, they won't hang you, his repairs You also need your support. Introducing him more is the best reward for him.

All in all, it is not easy for everyone to do the battery business. Whether it is a dealer or a repairer, it is very hard. Nowadays, the market is difficult, the business is not good, but for the family is still struggling in this line, please friends and family. We understand with our customers that people should respect more hate and help each other to get along with each other and create a positive energy atmosphere.