There are 6 kinds of people that must be replaced in the factory. Don't be soft

- Jul 06, 2018-

There are 6 kinds of people that must be replaced in the factory. Don't be soft!

1. Those who dare to say "don't know" about things within the points

Saying "I don't know" about the things in the points may be "not remembered," but the most likely reason is "not doing it." Whether it is "not remembered" or "not done", it is a category of dereliction of duty. In reality, it is normal for "I don't know" about certain things. However, once the words "I don't know" are said to be abnormal, it is to show a perfunctory stance. But if a person who is dedicated, even if he really does not know something in the division, he will not easily say the word "don't know".

2. People who say "can't do" to work

The reason for saying "do not do" in the work of the sub-committee may be "can't do it," but the most likely reason is "do not want to do it." Whether it is "can't do it" or "do not want to do it", it is far from the word "competent". No one is born with the ability to do things, they will only do it after they have learned it, or they will do it after they have done it. Those who say "can't do it" today will definitely say "will not do" tomorrow, and so on. Moreover, if you haven't done it, it means you won't do it all your life. Enterprises pay wages to subordinates, but not in exchange for a "do not do."

3, people who say "do not blame me"

If you have problems, you can say "Do not blame me". The reason may be "Do not blame him", but even if you don't blame him, once you rush to say "No blame me" and rush to clear up your responsibilities, it is actually Showing a state of mind that does not dare to take responsibility. Some people may think that this is an art of speaking, not a question of whether or not they dare to take responsibility, but it is not. In real life, the words "do not blame me" are often out of the mouth of children, because children do not have the ability to take responsibility, so they will subconsciously say it. As an adult, if you still insist on hanging the three words, there is no difference between the ability of the child and the child.

4, the door to coordinate the work of "unwelcome" people

The reason for coordinating the work "unwelcome" may be "unknown etiquette", but the most likely reason is "not willing to respect people." In corporate work, coordination is a regular matter, but there are always people who like to coordinate their work with the attitude of “high on the top” and “to order”. The result is that people feel that they are not respected and are not willing to coordinate and work together. Can not be carried out smoothly and efficiently. After a problem with the work, the responsibility seems to be on the partner, but the root cause is on the “unknown etiquette”. On the contrary, when encountering a person who can determine the fate of his future, such a person usually performs extremely "knowing the book", then we need to put a string of ellipsis on its character.

5. People who have never been thanked by others

Being helped by people has never "not thanked". The reason may be "Da is not to thank", but the most likely reason is "think that everything is right". It is said that "helping people is a sentiment, not helping is a duty." A person who has been helped by "not to thank" is actually a person who does not understand gratitude. It’s not terrible to know that gratitude is not terrible. It’s terrible: people who don’t know how to be grateful will usually report it. For such subordinates who have the "potential" of enmity, even if the ability and quality are unprecedented, unprecedented, and unprecedented, we must be cautious. If we don't stay, don't stay, and there is no grass in the world.

6. People who see the danger signal "no support"

Seeing the danger signal "no support", the reason may be "I didn't expect to be dangerous", but the most likely reason is "wait and see the excitement." Among the enterprises, if most people wait to see the excitement of the company, the responsibility must be on the manager. If only a few people are waiting to see the excitement of the company, then another. Therefore, in the investigation of the responsibility of investigating personnel, in addition to the "mastermind", the company must also remove the "accomplice" who "waits to see the excitement" in the "pull up the radish". The number is a scourge sooner or later.